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    A tip o' me tam to Ric at Release the Hounds for the heads up on this bit of insanity. Over at Fjordman, a great blog to read if you want to keep tabs on one of the little known front lines in the Global War On Terror is a translation of a story regarding some cartoons in a Danish newspaper that "allegedly" put Mohammad, (pork and beans be upon him) in a bad light.

    Beyond the story of bounties on the heads of cartoonists are several things I wish to address, namely the fact that the UN seems determined to order the Danes around in more ways than one. It is bad enough that the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has pretty much declared war on Denmark, but then to be told by the UN that "closing it's borders to poor refugees" would be against international law must really sting.

    It would seem that the UN is now running Denmark.

    The UN is a corrupt organization that wants to run the world headlong towards it's socialist paradise, giving everyone the same standard of mediocrity (read poverty), and letting insanity be the rule of the day.

    Moral Relativism and Situational Ethics seem to be the New World Order, where everything is opposite to reality and common sense. The belief that Islam is a religion of peace is a symptom of something seriously amiss in the way that some people think, for how can one consider any religion peaceful when it routinely calls for the deaths of its' critics? People that defend islam as a religion of peace are either sadly misguided, unthinking apologists or islamic.

    When Pat Robertson called for the execution of Hugo Chavez, mainstream christians distanced themselves from him. Regardless of the clout he claims to have, or the power he supposedly weilds, I have yet to hear of one person being killed by a follower of Pat Robertson. Do you think that Hugo Chavez's security people are fearful that a christian "martyr" will detonate himself in an attempt on Chavez's life? I wager they lose no sleep over the hordes of Christian Terrorists that are at this very moment infiltrating Venezuela to wage Robertsons Crusade.

    But at this very moment Islamic fundamentalists are planning, training and carrying out terrorists acts against who knows who this time, simply because a group of Imams have decided that this person or that group has defamed islam and must be killed.

    And the UN calls that racism and xenophobia.

    Xenophobia: an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers

    Is it irrational to fear people that follow islam? Maybe taken as a whole, but in the case of the Dutch, who have been under increasing attacks since Theo Van Gogh was killed, with tensions rising between the muslims and non-muslims becoming ever more pronounced, I don't think a fear of Muslims is irrational, nor do I believe that the Dutch should give up their sovereign rights to control their borders to the UN.

    It boils down to this, folks. Islam stomps on free speech, by demanding that none speak against it in any form, and the UN, in a continuing seizure of political correctness that has paralyzed all common sense, is all too willing to help it along.

    Islam is an enemy of freedom. The UN is its' ally.

    Today the Danes, tomorrow Europe, next week the world.

    Head on over to Fjordman and read the article.
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