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    In a new feature here at Kenders' we will be highlighting Liberal Hypocrisy and Idiocy.

    This should be an ongoing and often updated feature, as there is no end to the idiocy and hypocrisy of liberals in America.

    Valerie Plame gets "outed" and people call for heads to roll. Problem: No crime committed as she was NOT undercover outside of the country within the last five years, and the law clearly states that is the criteria for prosecution.

    Secret programs detailing tactics in the Global War on Terror are published in the NY Times, not to mention lied about in the NY Times, (American CITIZENS have not been targeted under this order and there is no proof they were) and not one talking head or pundit on the left has said one word about an investigation into this "leak".

    Why? Because an investigation into this "leak" wouldn't hurt the Bush administration. Never mind that the leak had to have come from someone IN the intel community, (and forgetting that a war on GW has apparently been waged by a cabal in the intel community), and that the particular someone obviously has broken a vow about secrecy and protecting and defending the U.S from enemies. These things don't matter to the liberal minds that print the news and talk on TV......the only thing that matters is destroying Bush.

    Hypocrites and Idiots.
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