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    To all of you out there following this story, go see
    Cao's, (pronounced "key") for all the updates and to see who all is covering the TRUE side of this story.

    Apparently there is quite a hardy but idiotic contingent of asswipes that insist on spreading lies about Jack and this story, going so far as to post supposed "intel" about Cao. So far, they are either so busy putting out false info about Jack and Cao to "bother" with some of the other bloggers out there spreading the truth about this story or they just don't have the supposed chops to actually find people through the web so they are trying not to make fools of themselves even further by posting false info on us other bloggers.

    I have been awaiting my "outing", but realize that I may not be posting on this story enough to have gotten the attention of the idiots at flogging the simian, Katheryn Cramers blog, or the jackass liars at stuporpatriots.

    So here it is.

    To you idiots at stuporpatriots, you can suck my couldn't find your mothers gaping whorehole with a squad of navigators and a string of signs pointing the way, so I have no worries about you "finding" me.

    Kathryn Cramer, cretinous ho-bag author of second rate sci-fi, let's see if you can use "google earth" to map out where I am.....yeah, right.

    And finally, to the monotonous beggar from flogging the simian, you have a better chance of finding a job with your limited visa in between "writing" and "flogging your simian" than you have of finding and posting info on me......

    All three of ya', have at it. Let's see how many "Kenders" you can find and post about.
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