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    In an amazing development reversing long standing U.S. government policy an illegal alien, and a criminal at that, ahs been arrested and faces deportation.

    Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban national wanted in Venezuela in connection with the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner was taken into custody taken into custody by U.S. immigration officers in Miami on tuesday in Miami.

    He admitted to entering the U.S. illegally through Mexico in mid-March and is being held in El Paso TX. until a hearing to determine his fate.

    He claims U.S. residency status received during the Cuban Missile Crises in Oct. 1962 was never revoked, therefore he will "vigorously" fight extradition.

    An alleged former CIA agent, Carriles claims to be in the country legally and will attempt to seek asylum.

    Let me tell you something. This has opened a can of worms for the U.S., as Castro has labelled Carilles a terrorist, and says that Venezuela, or an international tribunal, has jurisdiction to prosecute him.

    Granting him asylum would only cause an international furor, as the U.S. government is the first to point out to other countries when they are harboring terrorists.

    There will be much more on this story, as I am sure the ACLU will, once again, take up on the side of a terrorist and stand against the values of America.

    I don't think we should ship him out. Venezuela is closely allied with Castro, and most of South America has lax border controls and supposedly terrorists are using it as a possible staging area.

    Turn him lose in a different third world country and telll the commies south of the border to bugger off.
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