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    A big tip o' me tam to The List Administrator for this tale of sordidness.

    Two gay Israeli artists have set up shop in a Brooklyn art gallery with the intention of seducing an Arab man living in New York.

    All of you arabs living in NY better watch out for these two butt bandits...they are out for your ass in a misguided quest for world peace....or is that piece?

    Don Carol, the director of Jack the Pelican Presents, a gallery in Williamsburg says "This isn't a seedy gay thing. It's about falling in love."


    I wish I had thought of telling girls that I wanted to sleep with them as an art project in pursuit of peace. Man what a great line.

    Here's a bit from the article that caught my attention:

    Here's the duo's seduction plan: After word of the plan gets out, lonely Arab men will send the artists photos and exchange e-mail. Then Gil, 37, and Moti, 33, will paint watercolors of the photos to seduce the Arab men.

    So apparently they are looking for lonely GAY arab men. I wonder what the Koran teaches about homosexuality?

    In the Brooklyn show, 400 watercolor portraits — painted during previous performances — will be displayed beside a bed for three. There are also gay porn photos of the couple and a Lebanese Christian boyfriend.


    Damn...these are two very successful gay "artists" if this idea has allowed them to bed 400 desperate gay arab men.

    So now this begs the question, if they have bedded 400 guys in the quest for "love" to bring peace to the middle east why hasn't it worked after 400 times?

    Do they actually think that just because they nail some GaRab that peace will suddenly break out?

    As if the leaders in the ME are going to say "Hey, we can't fight you anymore, there are gay isrealis and gay arabs having sex with each other."

    Gimme a break.

    These guys are just two of the craftiest fags to ever come down the road with a "sex for art" scheme.

    At least straight artists that try to nail rich socialites through their "art" are after money too.
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