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    We are headed to a pitched battle in this country; one that will become even more divisive than slavery was in the mid 19th century.

    Now, we are already in the middle of a war, and I am not disparaging the seriousness of slavery, or the evilness of it, but the issue that is going to tear this country in two is Gay Marriage.

    I need to clarify what I just wrote. We are in the middle of two wars, the War on Terror, and a culture war. So far the culture war has been somewhat peaceful, especially compared to how ugly it could have gotten without "hate crime legislation".

    The added teeth in those laws make it much worse on people that have that nasty proclivity of assaulting other people based on their differences.

    A bit from the story linked in the title:

    In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge May 12 struck down Nebraska's constitutional marriage amendment, issuing a decision that is certain to intensify calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    If this keeps up a constitutional amendment IS going to be proposed. Whether it would actually be ratified is another story altogether.

    But given the left's love of losing and their apparent march into the sunset of history as a viable political party in this country I can see it happening.

    As things stand, with the seeming march of the Hildebeast into the front-running candidacy in '08, the left's continued stubbornness to see what they are doing wrong despite their shortcomings being pointed out EVERY SINGLE DAY by countless pundits and pontificators both online and off, and their continued insistence that, regardless of the thrashing they get constantly, they are IN TOUCH with the "average American", they are barreling down the road to extinction.

    If they lose anymore power they won't be able to stop the GOP from running roughshod over anything. And that’s just at the federal level.

    Imagine if, in a majority of states, the GOP held absolute political power, leaving the Dems swinging in the wind, completely at the whim of the right in this country, having no clout, no say and no power.

    That thought alone should make the dems wake up and listen to their harshest critics and change their strategy at this very moment.

    For better or worse they aren't likely to do that, and mark these words, in '06 they will lose more power, in '08 even more, and that is when the Gay Marriage Amendment will come to a head (NPI) and this country will divide in a way not seen since the Civil War.
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