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    Once again the ACLU is supporting illegal immigration and claiming reasons other than the subversive agenda they are hiding from you and I.

    It seems they are against the Real ID Act and they claim it is because of this:

    The ACLU of Arizona expects some of that information to be checked over the internet, and the group is worried the process will give hackers one more way to steal identities.

    The reason they are against the Real ID Act is because it would make it that much harder for illegal aliens to acquire "Valid Photo ID", therby making it harder for them to attain assistance from our great socialist programs. The ACLU believes that once someone is within our borders, regardless of HOW they got here, that they are entitled to everything a Citizen of the U.S of A. is entitled to under law.

    This is simply not true.

    Now before you guys go whining that I have no source to show that the ACLU believes those things about illegals being protected under the Law and Entitled to Services I must remind you that our Staunch Allies and Defenders that float at the edges of our comments section will gladly show you that I am, indeed correct, so complain at your own risk.

    One more thing.

    Just a quick thought here, if this is the reason they are against it then why aren't they against online banking, such as the transferring of money out of the country by I said, just a thought.

    Cross Posted at Stop the ACLU
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