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    From Atlanta comes the story of a man wanted for murder in, of all places, Pinellas County Fl.

    Wanted in the death of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer L. Gonzalez, 36, whose body was found in a pond behind the apartment complex where she lived, the suspect, Carl Edward Roland, 41, climbed atop the crane on wednesday.

    Refusing food and water, Roland is staying atop the crane and has refused a plea from his sister, offers of food and an alternative to climbing down by jumping into airbags deployed by the fire department.

    When asked why he was refusing to come down from the crane, he yelled back that if he was going to die a peaceful death by starvation it was going to be at his own choosing at not at the choosing of the Pinellas County judiciary.

    Readers may remember that the Pinellas County Sherriff's Dept. laid siege to a hospice in Pinellas Park earlier this year at the order of a judge to stop all attempts at saving Terri Schindler-Schiavo, who was starved to death by the order of Judge George Greer.

    Right to die advocates, backed by the ACLU, are gathering to protest against the police attempting to end Rolands attempt to die peacefully, while anti-death penalty forces, backed by the ACLU, have filed suit in Federal Court to end the siege on African-Americans, who are on death row in disproportionate numbers.

    When asked about this case, the Spokesman for Gaawwd and the Religious Right, Jerry Falwell said Roland should be stopped from starving himself to death, as suicide is a sin, and instead he should be arrested, charged, and, if found guilty, put to death.

    In a parting comment to reporters Falwell said, "Gawwd hates sinners, and among the worst of these are murderers, pedophiles and democrats, so no leniency should be shown to these people for their crimes against man nor their sins against Gawwd, and they should all be put to death as soon as possible. God Bless you all and may his peace be upon you."
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