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    Folks, this is gonna be short. If you wanna read todays full blogburst about Jack Idema, go see one of our other blogbursters, a full list of which is at the bottom of this post.

    I would suggest going and reading about it at Cao's or at Jack's Personal Website.

    Now, some of the people involved in this debacle have intimated that none other than the NSA is monitoring those in the blogburst. Meh. Of course, that begs the question of how long these people have been working for No Such Agency, as the only way to know who gets monitored is to be one of those doing the monitoring.

    What these people using third grade scare tactics forgot to realize is that those of us on, in and of the right haven't said a thing about this alleged monitoring, as we aren't doing anything illegal, so we DON'T CARE IF TEH NSA WATCHES OVER OUR SHOULDERS!!!
    The other thing they may not have realized is that if the NSA is watching US, they are, by natural extension, watching those we deal with, so those that aren't in the blogburst, but are writing about this subject, are also being watched. And that makes me laugh.

    I am still waiting for the forces allied against Jack and his "Jack" booted thuggery (that term is trademarked and will be used for the soon to be released Idema Action Figure, so hands off), to show their mastery at inetrnet sleuthing and "out" me. I can't wait to hear who I work for, and how much trouble I am gonna be in when I am not blackmailed or extorted into silence either.

    So come on stoopidpats....bring it on ya little lies to isp's and commit more fraud in yout quest to what? Just why the hell are you so hateful of Jack? What info does he have on ya', huh?

    Anyway stoopidpats, you have already commited fraud once, and the tables have been turned. The paypal account you're claiming is Jacks has nothing to do with him, and filing false reports is a crime.


    Gotcha' beeyatch!!!

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