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    Pretty much ever since we tore into Afghanistan, and the first squeaks of the anti-war left were heard, there has been a lying greaseball sitting smugly in the local coffee shop or independent bookstore, stinking of patchouli, "herb" and bad hygiene stating the patently obvious bucket of bullshit of "I support the troops but not the war."

    This one little voice, the voice of the coward, the voice of the appeasing slave, the voice of many groups down through the centuries that said, plainly, "subjugate me, rape my women, steal my riches, but just don't kill me", gained volume with the invasion of Iraq. (as a side note I have noticed this voice has a distinctly french accent)

    This one little voice that now echoes with the refrain "I Support the Troops but Not the War!!!!, is raised up by millions of people in the U.S., led by their chosen spokesbeast, St. Sheehan the Clueless, and controlled, cajoled and courted by the treacherous cretins of Code Pink and MoveOn dot org and cheered on by the unrealists at the DU.

    This one little voice, that grew so loud, and so smug, screaming from the street corners that;


    will now have to
    SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!


    Because one of your own, one of your inspid, whiny, cowardly little appeas-niks, one of the members of your LYING SPINELESS BULLSHIT MOVEMENT has outed every one of you lying crapbags for the lying liars that you are.

    Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times finally came out and admitted what those one the right have been saying for a couple of years now......namely, that you cannot "support the troops but not the war".

    Those of us on, in and of The Right have said all along that it is the height of illogical thought to hold that one can support the troops but not the war, and that those that say it are either insane, lying, or even worse, insane liars.

    So for those of you on the left, that have said for so long those infamous lying words that will echo through history on the same scale as other infamous and bald-faced lies such as "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", let me ask you this one question:

    are you insane, or are you lying?
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