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    Well then why I am giving a big tip o' me tam to my bud Ric at Release the Hounds for a story out of Italy about terrorists that were not only caught planning attacks in the U.S., but caught with WIRETAPS????

    Because WIRETAPS WORK!!!

    And as Ric points out, we are in a WAR, stupid, one that our enemies are treating as a why can't we? Have we become so soft?

    I was talking to a friend of mine over lunch yesterday, this fellow named The Sandmonkey, about this very thing, wiretaps I mean, not the whole Italians actually catching someone.....honestly I am almost as shocked that the Italians actually caught terrorists as I would be if the french did it......then again, the french are good at catching terrorists.....they like to catch them and pass them off to us like a radioactive potato, that way they can't infect their country, and we have the balls to deal with them.......

    Anyway, the Sandmonkey and I were talking about this stuff over lunch, and he made a great point;

    Out of 180,000 troops in three years we have lost just over two thousand.....on D-day alone we lost like, 5000 soldiers....he said something very profound yesterday.....he said "America used to be the country that lost 10 million people in a war because it was the right thing to do." we're the country that doesn't want to protect ourselves from our enemies because "someone might be offended" or "someones 'rights' might get dirtied up".

    So let me put this in plain english.

    Those "RIGHTS" don't mean SHIT when you are DEAD or LIVING UNDER SHARIA LAW!!!!!!

    Get that through your pointy little liberal heads.
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