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    Air America is begging it's listeners for donations.

    If Air America fails, and the Democrats regain any semblance of power, can the return of the Fairness Doctrine be far behind?

    For those of you that need a bit of a history lesson, let me tell you about the Fairness Doctrine.

    In 1949 the FCC took the (wrongheaded IMO) view that station licensee's were "public trustees" and as such they had a DUTY to make certain that both sides of an issue received equal airtime.

    In the 80's, under Reagans deregulation, that was tossed out. The result is Rush, Savage, Boortz, Levin and a whole host of others that are considered "Conservative" radio personalities.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Because Air America is getting their ass kicked in the ratings. Having already being tossed from at least two markets because they couldn't pay their bills, this sad attempt at countering those on the right with a counter-point is failing in legendary form, and it is a real possibility that Air America could feasibly disappear in the near future.

    If, by some stretch of the imagination, Democrats retake power in D.C., and Air America is no more, what odds would you lay that the Fairness Doctrine is brought back in force?



    Even odds?

    I would give you 4-5 that the Dems would bring back the fairness doctrine so fast that your head would spin as if you had been assaulted by force to listen to Air America non-stop until you couldn't stomach the smallest shred of common sense...kinda' like A Clockwork Orange.

    The Fairness Doctrine History can be read here

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