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    Let it be known that more PROOF of the pessimistic and derogatory mindset of THE LEFT
    has been documented by a poll. From a poll released by ABC News, of all organizations.

    55% of those polled do not blame President Bush for the storm's devastation, and although 67% think the federal government wasn't "adequately prepared," 75% say the same thing about state and local government.

    People in this country that are spending their time running down the President are wasting everybodies time and simply driving a wedge between themselves and anyone that may be paying attention and have thoughts about voting Democrat next year.

    Democrats were far more likely than Republicans to describe themselves as "shocked" (68% to 42%), "angry" (63% to 27%) and "ashamed" (63% to 28%) at the response to Katrina, while Republicans were far more "hopeful" (80% to 50%) and "proud" (43% to 17%).

    Go read the article for yourselves, and if you are a liberal, or a democrat, or just don't like Bush, the Right or believe the garbage spilling out about how horrid and evil Bush&Co are then go cry in your Granola and Soy Milk you whiny bitches.

    If you are on, in and of the Right, go dance!!!

    Crossposted at Cao's and Canservative Angst.
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