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    Recently I received a forwarded message from CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.

    CAIR and I have corresponded once before, but it ended quickly when they called me an extremist. Of course, with CAIR it seems that if you stand against them you are an "extremist", (much like Michael Graham, [free subscription required]), and it seems they will go to great lengths to shut down those that speak against them. I have yet to see CAIR claiming that Michael Graham LIED. They simply claim he is spreading "islamophobia", which I think is a good thing. I think right now we need a good dose of "islamophobia". What follows is CAIR's email messages in blockquotes, with my responses in italic. (First email edited for length, to see the whole thing email me.)


    Immediate Release
    September 23, 2005

    Contact: Elisabeth Solomon
    773-728-8400 x42

    Interfaith Organizations Call on Congress to Form
    Ethical Commission for Reconstruction of Gulf-Coast Region

    WASHINGTON, DC-Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) calls on Congress to
    establish an independent Ethical Reconstruction Commission to guide the
    nation with compassion and competence in facing the task of rebuilding
    lives and communities. This Commission will insure that those who were
    left behind in the evacuation of the Gulf Coast Region will not be left
    behind again in the rebuilding effort.

    The Ethical Reconstruction Commission, whose concept is endorsed by a
    broad spectrum of religious leaders and organizations, is needed to
    oversee the use of reconstruction funds, provide a voice for the people
    of the Gulf Region, ensure that worker justice is central to the
    rebuilding and offer overall guidance and ethical leadership to the Gulf
    Coast reconstruction initiative.

    "There are many different ways to approach this awesome rebuilding
    task," said Rev. Nelson Johnson, President of Interfaith Worker Justice.
    "Some want to move quickly with a top down, politicized process. We
    believe such an approach will not work. We believe that a process guided
    by the deepest ethics in our culture and involving the broadest range of
    people affected holds the only promise for the ethical reconstruction of
    the region and has the potential for setting a new direction for the

    Interfaith Worker Justice envisions the Ethical Reconstruction
    Commission setting forth priorities and overseeing broad national
    initiatives to:

    * restore all aspects of federal contract compliance, including
    prevailing wage and affirmative action requirements;
    * put former gulf-area residents to work;
    * assist displaced workers;
    * protect worker safety;
    * expand the network of workers centers; and
    * ensure adequate family supports through social service programs,
    such as Medicaid and Food Stamps.

    Speaking and publicly endorsing the concept at today's press conference
    were leaders representing diverse faith groups.

    "Like the Hebrew prophet Nehemiah viewing the destruction of Jerusalem,
    we believe the region can be rebuilt with justice," said Kim Bobo,
    Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice. "Our call for an
    Ethical Reconstruction Commission follows Nehemiah's plan. He organized
    the building process in such a way that everyone participated in the
    rebuilding. He redistributed wealth and resources so all could support
    their families in dignity."

    We already have laws in place regarding the issues you have brought up, and the remainder of these ideas sound like socialism.

    We have a lot of laws regarding a lot of matters, but unfortunately, every once in a while, many of us need to be reminded about the importance of abiding by those laws.

    So would you be in favor of bringing back the Sedition Laws?

    I am sure that people like you would love to see such laws back in order to prevent free thinking Americans from freely dissenting. I suggest that if you don't like the free speech in this country that you move to China.

    I love free speech....I hate people in groups that call my free speech, which is backed by the truth, hate speech and never once claim I am lying....I despise groups that resort to lawyers to stifle their opponents free speech when all that opponent is doing is stating an OPINION, and a conclusion that is reasonably drawn, and cause that person to lose their job for stating their views.

    I abhor groups that claim to be peaceful, when the bulk of evidence proves they are not, and they claim lies as the truth and try to stifle opposing viewpoints through any means.

    But then, many people in this world were raised under conditions that taught them that their way is the only way, and anybody not following that way is hala....I mean, outside of the group, and therefore equal to dogs and have no rights.

    Groups that use our laws against us to try to bring down our government also anger me.

    But all will be fine in the end when people wake up and rise against the enemy within our own borders.

    Free speech goes both ways. It is not only the right of racists and hate mongers.
    Those who want to exercise free speech by demonizing others should not be surprised if their victims choose to exercise their free speech by describing those bigots as bigots. Those victims also have the right to exercise their free speech to announce that they will not do business with institutions or corporations which enable those bigots to express their racism.

    At the end of the day, we all need to remember that free speech applies to all people, not only ourselves.

    That really isn't much of an answer. If someone speaks an opinion, or points out the truth of matters, and is attacked for it, then free speech really doesn't exist does it?

    If ones only defense of themselves against free speech is to slander another person (or organization), then perhaps the party defending their self should take a long look at what they truly stand for and are all about.

    Hidden agendas that are brought to light of day and then shuffled under the rug by those exposed, (especially using lawyers) simply show that those exposed cannot abide by free speech for their opponent.

    For instance, when Michael Graham was suspended from WMAL, CAIR immediately called to have him fired. CAIR never once claimed that Michael Graham was lying, but rather that he was spreading "Islamophobia".

    I don't think that "Islamophobia" is something that Americans should shy away from right now. While groups such as CAIR are showing a more politically correct face since 9-11, (even though it took three months or so for that face to appear), Islam is seen as a radicalized religion right now.

    So-called "moderate muslims", "respected muslim scholars" and other higher profile muslim groups can issue all of the fatwa's against terrorism they wish, however they are seen by those terrorists that they denounce as infidels themselves. Also add in the fact that a fatwa issued by these groups are simply words, whereas fatwa's issued by radical groups are followed by actions, and they are never the actions of someone that wishes peace, but rather the actions of a group that wishes war.

    CAIR, and many other "moderate muslim" groups have a long history of siding with radical groups, only toning down their rhetoric AFTER 9-11, perhaps realizing that if their agenda were to come to harsher public scrutiny then their welcome would wear out in America rather quickly.

    Does CAIR honestly wish to aid in the eradication or conversion of radicals? Then raise a muslim army to fight those that are corrupting your religion and prove it. Until such time most Americans, including myself, will continue to disbelieve that CAIR, and other groups like them, are representative of a peaceful, freedom loving group.

    Now, as of this writing I haven't received a response, but when and if I do I will post it.

    I have my thoughts on this exchange with CAIR, but before I write them I want to know what you think.

    XPOSTED@Cao's and The Wide Awakes
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