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    Earlier on this site, (Sunday last actually) I posted what has amounted to a prologue to today's post. If you want to read it click here, in fact, if you haven't read it you should read it first, otherwise you may get lost, as this amounts to Part Two.

    In my ongoing correspondence with some anonymous person over at CAIR-LA, (anonymous only because they haven't signed their name yet to anything), I have discovered, or rather been reminded, that those in the lower echelons of CAIR seem to buy the lies behind their agenda.

    If this person I am corresponding with turns out to be Hassam Ayloush, the man that scheduled and then cancelled an interview with me and is the Executive Director of the LA chapter, then I guess that the spin should be expected bacause, as I pointed out in my earlier post on this, CAIR has had to put on a new face since 9-11.

    As before, CAIR is in blockquotes and I am in italics.

    By the way, bigotry and racism are two different beasts. Related but different. And the last time I checked it was legal to be a bigot or a racist. I am not a racist, but I am bigoted against stupid people.

    Oh, and I am bigoted against those that hate know, radical islamists, socialists, the french, the democrats, the ACLU, Code Pink, the democratic underground, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, the entire on air crew of Air know, all the people and groups that believe CAIR is not supporting terrorists by their actions.

    Last that I checked, it is legal to be bigoted, stupid, and angry. So don't worry about the FBI knocking at your door any time soon.

    On another note, I am not sure if this will make you angrier (which is fun to watch), but in addition to being a Muslim, I am also an ACLU member, a Democrat, speaks French, and enjoys listening to Air America. Really, honest to God.

    You must be boiling now. :)

    (Actually I enjoy listening to Err America is some of the greatest comedy material anywhere and constantly shows me the fear the Left lives in and how rabidly stupid they are....face it, the left is running scared, and it makes me laugh.)

    My dear Kender, you are entitled to your opinions about CAIR or Islam, as stupid as they might be. Luckily, you and your kind (including Muslim extremists) are considered the weirdos of our societies. I can't help it, but when I read your messages, this famous quote comes to my mind:
    Frankly my dear, .... (you know the rest) :)

    Actually, I am not boiling mad.....I am laughing very hard.

    Now, you may consider us "weirdos", but as far as we can see, ("we" being the "weirdos" in America that are paying attention), moderate muslims are doing nothing tangible to stop the radicals. I would be willing to wager that you think going to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

    Why do I never see moderate muslims denouncing radicals with the same fury that the radicals scream for "jihad"?

    Ok great, since you and I laughing, that is healthy.

    As far as your question, No, I don't think that going to war in Iraq was a bad idea. I think it was stupid, illegal, and immoral. A war that was based on lies and deception and not only that, but has caused the unnecessary death of over 100,000 Iraqis and almost 2,000 Americans. Saddam was a very bad guy, but there are so many bad guys in the world that could be contained and removed without going to war. After all, wasn't it Mr. Rumsfeld who met with Saddam when he was receiving our military assistance?

    Our policy needs to become more principled if we are serious about making a change.

    We can leave stupid, as well as immoral, aside for the moment, as those are subjective, however I take issue with labeling the war "illegal". What makes this war illegal? The fact that the UN didn't sanction it? If that is the case please keep in mind that the UN may have lofty goals in their charter, but they have failed that charter in grand fashion. In fact, the entire organization seems to become more corrupt everyday.

    And before the word lies gets tossed out keep in mind that:

    A) At least two, (to my knowledge so far) wanted terrorists were captured in Iraq, (one of them was the man that mixed the explosives for the first WTC attack, of which it is well documented that an Iraqi intel agent was deeply involved in that attack) and:

    B) With Saddam suffering such a quick and decisive defeat (keep in mind here that he was the most feared of the ME rulers), people all over the region have seen first hand, along with any other doubters in the world, that Freedom is possible for everyone.

    Right now radicals continue to trickle into Iraq and Afghanistan, chasing wrongheaded dreams of martyrdom against those who fight for freedom. As long as this continues to happen, the U.S. military, alongside the Iraqi forces being trained by the U.S., will be happy to oblige them that dream of however many virgins they think they may get for their murderous rampages.

    I think that the number of 100,000 dead Iraqi's is specious at best, and is certainly heavily disputed.

    About those principals. We must take the highroad, to a point. The enemy we fight against has no highroad, it is anything goes. The American military hasn't even been unleashed yet, not truly, and those that think it has been may be in for a serious shock someday. Sometimes, you have to play by the enemies rules to win, otherwise your defeat may be assured if you don't.

    It boils down to this; A defeat while keeping the moral highground is still a defeat.

    You are the only one I know who still repeats the lies used to get into this war. You are funny. I give that to you. Not even the Bush administration is doing that. They admit now that there was no organizational links between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. The few Al-Qaeda supporters who were in Iraq actually were living in the northern part of Iraq which was under the control of our Kurdish allies and not Saddam.
    But thanks to our wise policies, Iraq has become the biggest recruiter for Al-Qaeda in the world. Whereas Al-Qaeda did not have more than a couple of dozen supporters in Iraq, it now has tens of thousands of supporters and members. Great job!

    Yes, the war is illegal because it violates international law. We were not under any immediate threat by Iraq.

    And as for your (B) point. You must not have any idea what is going on in M.E. Most ME people, even those who hated Saddam, now say that Iraqis were better off under the dictatorship of Saddam. Thanks to the chaos we created in Iraq, today Iraq has been the most unstable and dangerous place on the face of this earth. I do not think that our failed experiment in Iraq gives any hope for anyone in the ME about the promised "Freedom". Freedom is possible, but at first, we need to stop supporting those ME leaders who are our close allies and who oppose that freedom, and I am not just talking about Israel, but also about Egypt, Saudi, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, ... How about we stop giving them money and military support unless they apply human rights and democracy? That would be a good example to show to the ME people. Until our policies become genuine, people of the world will look at our policies in Iraq as a big deception and hypocrisy.

    And finally, I beg to disagree with you. If we play by our enemies rules, then we are no better than that enemy. Then it matters not to the world and us Americans who wins at the end if we justify using the enemies' tactics. The ends do not justify the means. We should always stick to our moral high ground, even if it slows down our victory. But at the end, if we stick to our moral high ground and principles, we WILL defeat those who do not value the dignity and rights of EVERY human life.

    Now I haven't responded to this one yet, although I was about to do just that when I got distracted. (Hey, I AM a Kender after all)

    As before, I wonder what you thought on this subject are. I will reveal mine, with a complete analysis after Part Three.

    XPOSTED@Cao's and The Wide Awakes
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