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    More bullshit!
    Arizona voters, you know those people that live here legally (hopefully) and DO have a say in what happens here, voted, by an overwhelming majority, for Prop. 200, an anti-illegal immigrant law that will essentially deny ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS access to STATE benefits. Federal benefits would still be covered. It also requires state workers to verify legal status of those applying for benefits and report to INS those that are here illegally.

    Couching their language in PC speak by calling these federal lawbreakers "undocumented immigrants", MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

    The judge said, among other things: "It seems likely that if Proposition 200 were to become law, it would have a dramatic, chilling effect upon undocumented aliens who would otherwise be eligible for public benefits under federal law,"

    I want them to have a chilling effect. I want them to be so chilled that they head south so they can warm up while they are waiting for a work know, the legal way to come here?

    What kind of BS is this? This is an American judge, who is sworn to uphold the law. The law states that illegally coming here is a crime, and a federal one at that. If I break a federal law you can bet that the government is going to put me, and American citizen, in FEDERAL PRISON!!!!

    "... MALDEF, claimed Proposition 200 turns state employees into immigration agents, denies benefits covered by federal law and could discourage thousands of Arizonans from voting."

    VOTING??? What Arizonans would be discouraged from voting? The illegal ones? What the hell are they doing voting in the first place?

    So it would turn state employees into immigration agents? If a state employee thought I was committing fraud by getting benefits when I am not entitled to them then they would call the police and have me arrested right? So why is it that illegal immigrants are getting special treatment for breaking a federal law?

    "Attorneys sued on behalf of more than a dozen plaintiffs, including undocumented immigrants, their children, and state employees from the Valley and Tucson."

    State employees? So if they won't report people that are here illegally would they report me if I went to Arizona and got benefits like welfare to live on while actually still living in California? I just may have to try that. As for suing on behalf of "undocumented immigrants" that shouldn't be here in the first place? Great strategy.

    I think I will go to another country and have one of their lawyers sue their government on my behalf to get benefits that I shouldn't be getting in the first place. I think I will try mexico first.
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