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    As you know, I believe that the far left, in concert with the ACLU, is taking this country down the wrong road. A road leading, at best, to socialism and at worst to communism. A road that our Founding FATHERS, (none of this PC crap about founding "framers") would have found abhorrant. A road that they would have considered as being traitorous and those on it would have been worthy of hanging for their crimes against us.

    So let me propose Plan "D".......a plan that is so devious that it would be worthy of the farthest leftwing wackjob of all leftwing wackjobs. In fact, it is their plan, turned around on them.

    You see, their plan is to change things from the inside. That can be our plan also.

    Simply put we need a large amount of republicans to register as democrat and change the democratic party from the inside. While we are inside, we will still donate the republicans, and we will use our position to vote for the person that is the least likely democratic candidate to win against the republicans.

    If enough republicans go 'undercover' we can, in a relatively short time, turn the democratic party into a shambles, or push them off the road to socialism/communism. Perhaps we can destroy the ACLU also.

    This won't be hard to do either. All you have to do, once you go undercover, is to state values completely OPPOSITE of your own. You will fit right in by spouting off crazy ideas about 'the poor', bitch about Bush, complain of "American Imperialism", and say that "the rich" need to be taxed more all while calling for more social programs to help the "downtrodden". They will never suspect you are a mole.

    Of course you will have to learn not to point out things that are obvious to people with common sense. Try to remember while you are doing this that you are saving the country, and you are only saying those things as an operative of the Truth and of Patriotism. Swallow your disgust at lying, knowing that the best spies and behind the scenes people MUST LIE to keep their agenda unknown and affect the change they so dearly know is needed. When it is time to vote in a primary vote for the most obvious loser, all the while complaining that the party is going to hell in a handbasket.

    If enough right thinking people do this it will work.

    So....whaddya think of Plan D.
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