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    I ran across this story in the paper yesterday. I want to highlight a couple of sentences.

    "federal regulations requiring a diverse workforce"

    "Companies must show...that they're making "good faith efforts" to work with local organizations..."

    "The Labor Department says companies should do outreach with many communities to try to fill openings, and should consider women, minorities, the disabled, people over 40, veterans and people of different national origins, sexual orientations and religions, Browning said.

    "Everyone, at some time in their life, is going to be part of a protected class," Browning said."

    And that last sentence right there folks is why this country is going down the fuckin' tubes. The liberals want to babysit you from the cradle to the grave. Making sure you are healthy and have a job so you can put your money in their socialist piggy bank, while at the same time making sure that true riches and honest independence never come your way.

    The government has made regulations to make sure that you are looking for people of color, women, handicapped and every other group the liberals deem 'minorities' because they don't trust business owners to hire the most qualified person for the job.

    The most protected person in this country today must be a middle aged, obese female person of color in a wheelchair with an I.Q. of 65. And I bet some liberal somewhere thinks she deserves a job...probably making 80 grand a year.
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