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    Dear readers, one of the commentors on my little blog here is Ryan Ray. I like Ryan. He attempts to counter my posts, mostly about communism, and tries very hard, and I applaud him for that attempt. Sometimes he even has a valid, yet minor, point.
    I was going to post a response to a comment he made, and in fact wrote it up in the comment box. But I decided that it needed to be front page stuff. Below is my response to his comment about my posting the french parody song, and my response to that.

    Enjoy, and please toss in your own two cents. And American pennies only please.

    Key "ryan" >>Kender<<
    His words are in "quotemarks", mine are in the >>arrows<<

    Ryan, at the bottom of this comment you made elsewhere on this blog are the words "fiery response from me" which is you saying this was a fiery response. This is 'fiery'?

    O.K., as S.O.P., I will take this apart bit by bit.

    "as for the weaklings that the french are today"

    >>Let's begin today with some lessons in capitalization. Can you say that? Good, then do it. I am not asking for perfect grammar, as I don't have perfect grammar due to the fact that I write as I speak, but at least put forth the effort to capitalize, if nothing else, the beginning of sentences. Some punctuation wouldn't hurt either, son. You come off as lazy, (a classic communist trait BTW) and kind of uneducated, which I don't really believe completely, but then the other readers may not know that you are in school still. As for the comment you made about the french today being weaklings it is their choice. They have chosen, along with the rest of Europe, a path of appeasment, which is leading them down the road to ruin. Ruin by the simple act of NOT acting to stop radical islamic factions from forming in their countries, and allowing them to begin putting their, (radical islamists), view upon the countries they are in.<<

    "i feel that i have some defending to do from a country with a (not always happy) tradition of french-canadians."

    >>There is nothing you can say that will defend the inaction, and complete cowardice, of the french. They have gone right along with the corrupt U.N.s agenda, backing sanctions against Iraq when they were not working, obstensibly to give a peaceful resolution a chance, while reaping huge profits, illegally I may add, and standing in the way of what is right. France wants desperately to matter on the world stage. But they don't, and rightfully so. They have done nothing to earn respect. They give in to terrorists demands simply by showing that they will not stand against them, all in the name of short term profits and at the expense of long term freedom.<<

    "i mean if you're going to make fun of them there's ample ammunition for it. they never win or even fight wars and they have a strange inferiority complex that leads to insane nuclear testing."

    >>You have valid points there, and I have no argument with that statement except that france pursues a nuclear program in their defense, which is funny in itself since france understands the concept of defense in one way.....Raise Our Arms. As for france having an inferiority complex? That is not strange at all. That just simply shows that in one respect, at least, they are perceptive.<<

    "but the song was written awkwardly and oftentimes was too retarded and tasteless. the only thing funny about it is the melody. you can put anything into that melody and make it funny. watch."

    >>Yes, the song was somewhat awkward, but it is a PARODY!!! A concept, by the way, which would have meant death in the ussr. I never claimed the song was great, but I said it was funny.<<

    "you're a green one,
    you're a yank
    you lie so you can steal
    you're as friendly as a weasel
    as helpful as a snake
    you f'in waaaanKERS! :D"

    >>Obviously you have no grasp of, nor appreciation for, parody. That was a sad attempt, as you didn't stay within the cadence of the original song. Perhaps I will write one about communist canuk kids eh?<<

    "see it sounds a lot like shit but it goes on and on. it's just that easy. true that it's a song lyric but it's a valid statement as well. matthew good also sings about falling in love with a bad idea which i can get to in a minute."

    >>Parody doesn't have to be well written, simply funny. I stand by my statement that this song is just that.<<

    "but about the weaklings that they are today and the statue of liberty. at the time they gave your country the statue of liberty it was commonplace for men to wear today's women's clothes in public. enough said."

    >> I would like to know what womens clothes you are speaking about. That is really in invalid point as it has nothing to do with the statue or the french or the song. Really this section made no sense whatsoever.<<

    "they gave it because the american revolution gave their people the courage they required to enact their own coup d'etat. it was an applause of the original american indepedence."

    >> Ah, if only the french would have stayed on the path they stepped upon during their revolution then perhaps today the would be a stronger country, capable of defending themselves and not making such fools of themselves as they do in the eyes of so much of the free world. In fact, if they had followed our example, instead of following their tiny chickenshit hearts and hiding in holes everytime someone else picked up a gun, maybe the would have stood up to hitler, and America, along with her allies, would not have had to save the world.....twice.<<

    "they can recognize good ideas, so they can recognize bad ones too. what they're doing today is warning your country of a bad idea."

    >>The only good idea that france ever recongnized was the one that led to them helping us gain our freedom from the English. (Well, and maybe the metric system. I admire the metric system as it is based on math and you can lose all info on it save the way to create the system and go out and perfectly recreate it. That is an awesome idea. But I digress.) Then again, I believe they mostly did that to piss off the English in the first place. And the only warning the french should EVER be able to give is one in Paris saying, "Hide, here come the Germans....again!<<

    "it comes off as acerbic, foreign, retarded and pointless, but it's sincerely a friendly message. and that's why you guys are so offended by it."

    >>It comes off as acerbic because the french are naturally that way. It comes off as foriegn, in a sense of the word that means one doesn't understand it, because they french concept of bravery does not exist. Cowardice is a concept that is 'foreign' to the American psyche, but ingrained in the french. It comes off as retarded and pointless because french foriegn policy is also retarded and pointless. THE FRENCH ARE ARE FUCKING COWARDS PERIOD!!!! I, along with most Americans, don't consider the current stance of the french as a sincerely friendly message. The only time the french have been sincerely friendly to us , after the statue thing, is when WE are marching in Paris, and not the Germans.<<

    "friends are the ones who kick your ass or shoot you down when you need it the most. conversely, they're usually the ones who piss you off the most when they do it."

    >>NO!!!!! Friends stand beside you. Wise friends may take you aside and say that you should rethink your course of action if they don't believe in what you are doing, but still they stand WITH YOU. They don't yell out in front of everybody that you are wrong. Friends have your back, meaning they watch it in a fight and help you win, not stab you in it. True friends know how to speak to you when they think you are wrong so you don't get angry, but listen and consider instead.<<

    "i heard your country was moved far enough to take your french fries back and make them "freedom fries" a la 1984. friends piss each other off more often than not. so take them for what they are."

    >>The word french fries came about after WW1, when the doughboys returned home, and it is actually a Belgian creation. Some people do call them freedom fries, but most people still don't. The country is suffeciently outraged by the french action to notice, but still don't see the point of changing our common usage of a word because of a bunch of cowardly frogs.<<

    "i've never been to france but i like them."

    >>Good, you like them, please go there and visit. Paris stinks to high heaven in the summer due to the dog shit in the streets. I think france looks like a beautiful country, from what I have seen. Too bad it is filled with a bunch of backwards thinking assholes.<<

    "they have the best football team in the world and pires/viera/zidane/trezeguet/henry are unstoppable when on their game. if you saw them in 1998 on the TV, you saw their whole country at its best."

    >>O.K., let me set something straight. When you talk to an American, the word football means the game we play here called by that name. The game you call football we call soccer. If you talk to an American about soccer call it soccer. We don't care what the rest of the world calls it, much like we don't care that the rest of the world is metric.<<

    "at its worst, i've heard that they were assholes on the ivory coast lately and have a long history of being assholes in africa. they were the target example in "the wretched of the earth" by franz fanon. as for what your blog says regarding french atrocities, it's lying. i've seen the video."

    >>I have not read that book, but perhaps old Franzy had something there. As for being assholes in the Ivory Coast, if you have seen the video, how can you say it is lying? The french soldiers there are shooting unarmed demonstrators. And the world press sayss not one word? But we shoot one fucking insurgent, after they (insurgents) have been boobytrapping bodies, pretending to play dead and then setting off explosives, or acting as if they are surrendering and then ambushing us, and we are the bad guys? What mitigating circumstances led the french murderers to shoot unarmed demonstrators? Perhaps they were hurling insults at the french? BTW, unarmed people are the only people that the french like to shoot at, as that is the only group that can't fight back.<<

    "your quote went that the american soldier was shooting an injured threat to his life. there was no threat to his life. the man was down and out and unarmed."

    >> See above for comments on this quote.<<

    "a country that appoints itself as above the geneva convention should try leading by example if they don't want to piss the world off, which escalates and makes otherwise normal people start talking about terrorist activities in the united states mainland as an actually viable alternative."

    >>The Americans are bound to the GC only as far as signatories to that paper are concerned. The terrorists and insurgents have been acting far outside its' bounds, yet want us to follow its rules. That is BS, yet we have been following the GC, except for minor instances, and those do get investigated, and sometimes, if the evidence is strong enough, prosecuted.<<

    "my point is, that soldier was a pussy."

    >>I won't even go there with you. The idea of you fighting for anything other than a place at the bar is absurd to me, and until you have been in his position you have no right to judge. I probably would have done the same thing.<<

    "in everyone's experience, it's easier to fight than not to fight. your first instinct is to punch someone in the head when shit goes down. even when someone starts talking about sense that you have no idea about, you tune them out and want to punch them in the head. if someone really pisses you off, you want to drop a bomb or fire any weapon. it's an animal instinct. we're still very animal here."

    >>No, when someone starts talking "'sense' that you have no idea about" you don't tune them out. You show them the error of their thinking, like I attempt with you. THEN you whack them in the head. And in the animal kingdom, since you brought it up, who rules? Yeah, the biggest meanest fuckin' animal in the group.<<

    "not fighting is what's much harder to do. it's what the mentally tough are able to provide as an option. the physically tough component has nothing to do about it. it's nothing to do with penis size or loneliness either. it's about knowledge, future sense and the sincere desire for a decrease of pain in the world."

    >>Fighting, when it is called for, takes a strength far beyond the weakness needed to be a coward. The mentally tough, us BTW, have provided it as an option, and exercised that option when the rest of the world was too fearful or lazy or corrupt to act. America does have a desire to decrease the suffering in the world, starting, like charity, at home. And before you start on all our homeless, which BTW we have fewer of than most countries, ours, unlike most countries, rarely die of startvation. And you brought up the penis size thing.....freudian slip perhaps?<<

    "as an aside, you must have noticed that the election results in your country most always represented the line between slave states and non-slave states. they have comparisons of maps out there. i'm just saying that maybe your civil war didn't intend what it wanted to, or maybe your country has a sincere inferiority problem like a collective slave mentality, such as what was said about nazi-era germans. maybe it's a problem that they need to talk about, i don't know."

    >>You certainly don't know. Many states that voted 'red' to use our figure of speech, did not exist during that time. Same goes for kerry, and the 'blue' states. The civil war was not only to stop slavery but to hold together a union that would, in the long run, make us the most properous and free country that this planet has ever seen. You have said elsewhere that the french have an inferiority complex. Now you claim that of us. If we did we would probably see eye to eye with the french. We don't. We don't have a superiority complex either. We have a faith in the beliefs that this country was founded on. We have faith that our founding documents are as true today as they were 228 years ago, and we believe they will be as true and relevant 228 years from now.<<

    "my long-winded point was that i'll be watching like a hawk and if i hear anything else that's negative about the french in general (without provocation from current or historical news) you can expect another defensive and fiery response from me."

    >>O.K. hawkboy, you have read this post, and I have been nothing if not derisive about the french. I have in fact called them "cowards"! I said they have "tiny chickenshit hearts"! I said they "hide in holes", like so many islamic terrorists BTW! I have intimated they are back-stabbers! I have called them fools! I called them "cowardly frogs"! I called them "backwards thinking assholes"! I have agreed with you that the french are "weaklings", "losers", "acerbic", and not in a funny way, and also "foreign", "retarded" and "pointless".<<

    "without provocation from current or historical news i say."

    >>Since you left yourself that particular out I will say that everyting I have said about the french stands. Fuck the french. They are the biggest group of proud cowards this world has ever known.<<

    "that still leaves it open. yeah it's open still. of course it's open."

    >>It is open. Bring it on son. You need an education commie boy!<<

    "but like i proved you can make fun of any nationality using that famous melody because the scale is so loaded. even american nationality."

    >>Yes you can. That is what is so great about parody."<<


    >>Perhaps when radical islam is dead. Your turn Ryan.<<
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