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    I bid Welcome to the chicken shit and cowardly readers of Sadly No.

    So I have done what I have never done before.....I have linked to KOS.

    Go ahead, click the title and see.

    Why have I done this?

    Because the KOS kids are the biggest bunch of pussies and anonymous loudmouth morons that crawl this little blue globe...that's why.

    Allow me to explain. Saturday I was in Las Vegas, on a little business trip, and messaged one of my show hosts (Real Teen if you must know) that I was in Vegas and ha ha he wasn't. Imagine my shock when he said I should go hit the Yearly Kos Konvention.

    In a complete coincidence I happened to be wearing my Official Empire t-shirt that has Emporer Misha's Official Seal on the left breast and states on the back "Rope, Tree, Journalist. Some assembly required."

    In a bigger twist of fate the hotel the Pos-Hate-Fest was occuring at was within walking distance of exactly where I was standing when I heard that the infestation of Moonbats had taken root in my home away from home.

    I couldn't wait.

    I finally finished with my business and wandered directly over to the hotel. I have to tell you, as far as hotels go the hotel they were meeting at is ok, but by Vegas standards it's way down the danged totem pole. In fact, I wouldn't stay there if you paid me....but that's just me. After finding where the gathering was at, and clad in my Empire t-shirt, I strode in, awaiting a moonbats recognition of our Official Seal and expecting at the least, a tongue lashing.

    No such luck. The first moonbat that saw the Seal steadfastly continued on his way to dinner after pretty much not answering my question about his blog.

    After that I found the entrance to the nest. There were about 100 bats wandering around, and regardless of the insults I tossed their way, they, in perfectly predictable moonbat fashion, shut up and talked to someone else or, in the case of the old broad behind the registration counter, forced a smile that made her look like she was passing a Yugo sized turd and managed to squeak out a "Have fun with that."

    Of course, I had just told her that on July 4th (a day moonbats HATE) we are launching Wide Awakes Radio and it was going to be all conservative bloggers and we would be able to talk shit about them instead of just writing about how stupid the left seems to be."

    Yes, I said that to her and she wouldn't dare respond. Let me tell you something....if I am at a conservative political blogger convention, and some dumbass walked in with a Kos shirt on, you can bet that I would take him to task, quickly.....but we get no such luck with the slavering pussies that inhabit the dark, hateful and make-believe world of the KOSsacks.

    But that's alright. Maybe it was that Empire t-shirt. Maybe they thought that anyone ballsy enough to walk into the middle of them with that on was someone they shouldn't cross.

    More likely is the truth as I suspect it...face to face, lefties can't hold the idealogical ground, and the prospect of having it shaken out from under them in an earthquake of truth and logic is something that they can't face.

    They're cowards.

    And to the old broad in the registration booth on saturday hard feelings there lady, if I were you I wouldn't argue with me either, especially at your age......wouldn't want to have a little black heart attack, now would ya'?
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