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    With a tip o' me tam to Euphoric Reality for the heads up on this story.

    The Marines that have been wrongfully accused of murder in Haditha by the left, the MSM and those that seemingly hate the military WILL NOT be charged with any crime.

    Murtha will be proven a big fat lying scum-sucking piece of shit that doesn't deserve to hold his office.

    Apologies that should be forthcoming won't be, and certain people will continue to lie about Haditha and claim "cover-up."

    Go read the story linked in the title. It outlines exactly how the "insurgents" (i.e. pigdogs that don't care who they hurt or kill) use civilians as shields and place them directly in harms way. Those Marines did the job they were trained to do, exactly how they were trained to do it, and no apologies should be made when our enemy uses innocents to hide behind and places them directly in harms way and they are harmed.

    I know many in this country would rather have our guys have opened the door and looked around before tossing a grenade into a room full of unknown targets, but after having taken fire from the house they were standing in the only reasonable response is to clear that house with overwhelming force.

    When the military refuses to file charges after finding that those Marines were simply doing their job, how fast will Murtha the Mouth and others start yelling about a coverup? However long it takes for them to start yelling is about how long someone else should wait to file a lawsuit against them for defamation of character.

    And that's just my nickel, folks.
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