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    Feel free to post comments, rants, or even personal attacks. It simply shows your wish for taunting if you do the latter.

    You can say anything you want here. But if you get stupid I reserve the right to point it out, call you lots of inventive names and laugh like hell.

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    Note: "right" either means this blogger is correct or that they lean right. I know what I mean by it. How do you take it?

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    (for NY Libs)
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    Luna Kitten
    See? I told you I had a liberal friend!!!

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    The Wide Awakes

    Launch of Wide Awakes Radio occurs on July 4th at 6 A.M. Pacific. For those of you that can't figure time zones that is 7 A.M. Mountain, 8 A.M. Central and 9 A.M. Eastern.

    We have some of the top independent (not MSM related) political bloggers from the Right Side of the Aisle to tell you all about True Conservative Values, what the hell is wrong with the country and how to fix it, and why, if you don't agree with us, you are most likely an idiot.

    As a side note this certainly doesn't mean that we will agree on everything with each other. We are Conservatives, which means we THINK about the issues, apply LOGIC and REASONING, and look at the world with a COMMON SENSE VIEW that precludes being a wishy washy dumbass that relies on FEELINGS to form their worldview.

    Now some people have told me I should tone down the rhetoric, especially telling people that if they don't agree with us they are idiots, and they probably won't listen.

    That's fine with me. Frankly, I don't want the lefty idiots listening to us. They don't have the balls to debate their views or stances, (as I proved at The Kos Kamp in Vegas), and they talk real big online behind the safety of their screen, but in person, and that includes on the phone, they are cowards that can't back up their shit.

    So I won't tone down the rhetoric. Leftys are cowards, plain and simple, and won't listen anyway.

    See you guys Tuesday Morning.
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