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    It seems to me that I have been hearing alot more about Americans moving to canada after the election. This is a good thing I think.

    If you are one of those Americans that swore they would move out of the country if Bush won, and you don't want to use "Kenders Kiss My Ass and Get Out of My Country Travel Agency" (click title about travel arrangements), then by all means move to canada.

    Really, go. We don't want any whiny wuss ass crybabies that run at the first sign of failure. That isn't an AMERICAN ATTITUDE. A true American would stay and fight for what they believe in, not cut and run while drying their tears and sobbing about the unfairness of the world.

    And while I am on the subject perhaps the government would see fit to strip people that move to canada for political reasons of their U.S. citizenship.

    Oh, and if you do go, for Americas sake please take striesand with you!
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