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    Do you know what the definition of 'dhimmitude' is? No? Read on, but you will have to follow the links to learn.
    I have two blogs now. This one you are reading and this other one here:

    In a comment to a post of mine, an extreme post, or so the commentor thought, I was accused of the same hatred that the islamic extremists harbor. Quite the contrary. I don't harbor that hatred. In that post I was simply going to the logical conclusion of the liberals apparent wish that the U.S. pull out of Iraq. I never stated that I was simply following along to the liberals logical conclusion, nevertheless, that is where I ended up.
    So I wish to take this time to clarify myself.
    In continuing to read this post, and follow along with my thinking here, you, dear reader, are going to have to take some responsibility and click a couple of links and read.
    If you don't READ the pages that the links take you to, don't bother posting a comment that you think has the slightest chance of swaying me in my stance. If you do follow the links and read the pages, and you still have a comment that doesn't agree with my line of reasoning, THEN, and only then, may you feel free to post a comment. I truly believe that if you read these pages that you will come away believing what I have to say. If you don't, I will probably lament either A) your public school education or B) your utter lack of reading comprehension.. To begin here are your links. the Sept. 18th post titled Eurabia Jihad Watch......then read: you finish with that read the next link, but I warn you it is a bit longer:,filter./news_detail.asp

    Now, if you have read all of these links, feel free to post a comment regarding the following comments.
    I don't like war, but sometimes it is necessary.......I believe that the liberals, and anyone that disagrees with the fact that we are in Iraq is a fool.....I don't care what the rest of the world thinks of us, as they don't have our best interests at heart.....I think if we have to march the world over to eradicate radical islamic terrorists then that is what we should do...I believe in spreading the ideas of Freedom and Democracy.....yes, even through the use of force, for if Freedom and Democracy were able to thrive where we need apply force then, in a vicious circle, we wouldn't have to apply the force...see the thinking here?....I know some of you may say I am engaging in circular thinking, and I don't care...the bottom line is radical islamic regimes, and the terrorist they spawn, (and believe me, it is NOT us that spawn them), need to be destroyed...not negotiated with....not bargained with...not placated....but mercy....we are dealing with an enemy that uses fear, and the most evil of tactics, and they will give no quarter nor show is their way or death...don't believe me? the koran.....I know they say it is a religion of peace, and it can be....but these guys have taken it to an extreme that, if they had the power, would have made hitler and the holocaust look like a day in the park......imagine for one moment a world where extreme islamic rule is the law.....and if you think for one minute that they are not going to try that think may not see that in your lifetime....but the day will come...people in the U.S. in the late 30's believed hitler wasn't a threat to the world......he was, and we stopped him...just like we will stop these extremists now....tolerance is not working in Europe....and in another 10 years when other countries are experiencing what the Dutch are going through now they will realize the folly of their current to all you 'tolerant' liberals out there that are afraid to offend someone if you speak out for what you believe in I say you need to believe in something besides isn't working for europe, and it wouldn't work here....just remember when it all comes to a head and you wake up and say we need to stop these guys before we lose our Freedom that is wasn't you that saw it comeing....but us that saved your ass.
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