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    Dear Russell, I was distressed, to say the least, to hear you on the MTV music awards disparage President George Bush as a "retarded cowboy." Sure, the man has his faults. He never answers the criticism and outright lies thrown at him by the left, but that's probably because he still believes the vast majority of Americans are too smart to fall for them. Unfortunately that may no longer be true. Certainly whoever gave you the primo gig of hosting the MTV Awards show certainly seems to be lacking in intelligence. After all, who but an utter moron would give a half rate insane wannabe comic with a rats nest hairdo who lacks the common sense to show his host country a modicum of respect the high profile job of hosting one of the premier music awards show on the planet?

    Add in insult to injury when you backed obama. Russell, let me ask you a question; When was the last time an American went over to Jolly Old England, Home of Cutting Edge Dentistry, and made a suggestion about whom they should vote for? On second thought maybe one of us should go over and do just that, as without our input a large number of your fellow countrymen have managed to elect the biggest bunch of simpletons this planet has ever seen run a country into the ground. I must say if you brits are vying for Fastest Decline of a Country Award you are doing a bang up job. I understand sharia law is going to be enacted any day now.

    After catching some of your "act" online I have to say funny really isn't your thing, so maybe a little leeway is in order for your comments and utter lack of class. By the way, they have this really nifty invention called a "comb." Maybe you should look into it. Having a hairstyle like Witch Hazel does have its advantages. It lends itself well to the image that you are simply some better dressed insane homeless guy ranting on the street corner, so maybe you should keep it.

    Anyway, your hair has put me in the mood for some good old fashioned comedy which reaches heights of hilarity you could only reach in an alternate universe in which you were the sole inhabitant. Have a great life Russell old boy, and tell those caterpillars living on your forehead to hang in there, someday they'll spread their wings and fly, unlike their host.

    Enjoy the video.

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