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    Dear America.

    I wasn't going to post today.

    I was going to sit back and let others say what needs to be said today, to a nation who has forgotten.

    They have forgotten the shock of that morning.

    They have forgotten the sick feeling in the pit of their stomach as they saw people choose to fling themselves from a hundred stories up to slam into the ground below rather than face the hell like inferno any longer.

    They have forgotten the despair that twisted their very souls as they saw those towers fall, wishing beyond all hope they were dreaming and knowing they weren't.

    They have forgotten the fear as an anxious nation stood transfixed and life ground to a screeching halt and rumors flowed in about attacks elsewhere.

    They have forgotten the feeling of "One Nation" which flowed after the attacks, when they lined up and gave blood, praying survivors to use it would be found.

    They have forgotten the grief as a Nation cried when none were.

    May God Bless those we lost.

    May God Damn those who did it and all like them.

    There is but One God.

    He is NOT allah.

    And by His name shall we attain Victory over our enemies and Peace once again.

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