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    Famed explorer Dora, a mainstay on the Nickelodeon Channel since 2000, was arrested by ICE agents yesterday and deported. Dora, whose real name is Maria Conchita La Princessa de Chiquita Bananabana Fo Fana Smith apparently crossed into the United States illegally in the mid 90's and worked a variety of low end job before befriending an executive at Nickelodeon by securing an overweight dominatrix and a truckload of Jolt Cola and whipped cream for an emergency party the un-named executive was holding at a Beverly Hills hotel that employed Ms Smith as a maid at the time.

    After that fateful night the show idea for Dora the Explorer was pitched and an episode aired in 1999, and surprisingly was a hit, which led to the show being put on the schedule in 2000.

    Rumors at the Nickelodeon Studio is that Ms Smith's co star "Swiper" played by Emilio Estevez, reported her to ICE after she welched on a bet regarding how long the monkey "Boots" would stay in rehab over the off season.

    Reporters for this website are checking into those allegations as we type, and will be posting an update when we have new information.
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