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    Recently schools across the country started banning dangerous activities such as dodge ball, and tag.

    Now we have another scourge of childhood that is going to go the way of the dodo, liberty and common sense.


    That's right, hugging.

    First off a tip o' me tam to Ogre.

    Now for The Rant:

    What kind of kids are we raising? With the reports yesterday out of The Boston Herald about doctors gathering lifestyle information about people from their children during exams to the insane tales of playgrounds banning dodge ball and tag, and now hugs, I fear we are creating a generation of pussified cry-babies that will be more than willing to prattle on to authorities about every little thing that scares them or that is deemed "wrong" or "dangerous."

    Here's a short story for you. A friend of mine has a little sister. She was 12 when this happened. This little sister started being a bit rambunctious. Dad put down the hammer and grounded her and threatened, THREATENED to spank her. But the lovely teachers at her school informed her and her classmates that "your parents can't hit you and if they do or say they are going to then call child protective services."

    So she did. They came out and told dad in no uncertain terms, "you can't spank her, and if you do we will take her away and put you in jail."

    Result? One unruly child that once stated in front of me "You can't tell me what to do or else you will go to jail" as she walked her 14 year old ass out the door at 10 at night to go to a friends house. My advice to dad was give her tough love. Call the cops and have her picked up.

    We are raising a generation of sissified cry babies, children brought up with government intrusion and direction at every turn, brainwashed to believe that government is the cure for all that ails you, there from the cradle to the grave.

    We are creating a generation of children that, quite simply put, cannot think for themselves. It has been said that Freedom is only one generation from disappearing, that it must be nurtured like a flame lest it go out.

    I fear we are watching the last flickering flames of freedom, and when they go out the world will truly be a dark, cold and scary place.
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