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    Many of you have probably received invites from your other friends to join the social networking site called "Quechup" but you won't get one from me for several reasons.

    One, I am not signing up for anything else, whether its free or not. Apologies to all of the diggsters out there, but I won't be "digging" your articles. I have too many username/password combos to remember now. Since I don't join up with every invite that comes into my email box I wasn't inadvertently spamming my entire address book, which is what quechup is doing to gather new members.

    Many social networking sites ask if they can look in your address book to find your contacts that may be members, but quechup takes it to a whole new level, spamming your entire address book with invites that appear to be from you WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!!!!

    Curious as to who the hell owns this site, I went over to quechup, and in the bottom of the page they have a link called "Investor Relations."

    Clicking on that link will take you to this page where you will find a "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

    That takes you to this page which lists
    iDate Corporation
    6767 West Tropicana Ave.
    Suite 207
    Las Vegas, NV 89103

    as the contact address. A google search of that address gets you 11,600 hits on google. Since this address is not an actual post office as far as I can find, one must assume it is a maildrop...probably for businesses that are registered in Nevada. I am having that checked on and will post more about that later.

    For now just delete quechup invites.

    Oh, and as for who is hiding behind quechup and why?

    I have no idea, but if I find out who to call and bitch at about their underhanded practices I will post it here for you.
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