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    Six years ago today our country was attacked by islamic extremists.

    The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the failed attack on the White House were, to date, the most successful attack yet by the islamists that have declared war on us, vowing to destroy us and make the world islamic.

    We are facing a dedicated and ruthless foe who believe they are doing G-ds work and are blessed in their actions, and they will not stop until we defeat them on every front around the entire globe. Our first and best defense against this threat is to hunt them down and kill them, alot, where ever they are hiding at, without apology, without mercy and without fail.

    To do anything less is to invite more attacks.

    These are the people who follow an ideology rooted in a backwards, misogynistic, 8th century religion, a group that has not only vowed our destruction and subjugation, but have shown us, in stark detail what happens to those that don't go along with their plan or oppose them, as evidenced by Daniel Pearl and so many others whom we have watched being beheaded while tied up and held down, screaming, then gurgling for their lives.

    These are the sick bastards that teach their children that the highest action they can take is strapping on a bomb vest and blowing themselves up in a pizza joint or a bus full of innocents, and killing just one Jew is the surest way to curry favor with their damnable moon god and find paradise.

    These people are mentally ill. Being a parent my number one job is protecting my child, not teaching him that killing himself is OK as long as he takes at least other person whom we think is evil with him. What kind of mindset must it take to raise your child to destroy themselves while killing another human being?

    And today, of all days, should be the day that we remember not only those who have fallen in this war, but why we are fighting this war, and what the cost of defeat will be.

    We are fighting this war on every front we can, while trying to teach the arab world that there is a better way, if they could only let go of old hatreds and learn to work together.

    Frankly I think that may be a mistake. Personally I think we should institute a new policy of going after the families of suicide bombers. We should teach these barbaric assholes that if you are going to try to get to paradise by blowing yourself up, then we will do everything in our power to make sure that every family member we can find will follow you as soon as possible.

    No more of this "I go to paradise and mom gets money" crap. It needs to be "I go to paradise and mom and little sister and uncle habib and auntie samira and little cousin achmed get it too."



    And this weekend, in our nations capital, thousands will march demanding an end to this war, completely ignoring the fact that they are basically calling for the defeat of our troops in the field, and further endangering our country, all the while claiming to support those very same troops, the troops that are out fighting the islamic militant bastards that would see us destroyed and subjugated and bowing in fear of being beheaded.

    Six short years have passed.

    Six revolutions around the sun.

    By my quick calculations that is 2191 days.

    Two thousand nine hundred and seventy four people are listed as killed that day in those attacks.

    We are going to be at war a lot longer too, and many more people are going to die, and many of them are going to fall into the "innocent" category. I would prefer if those on the innocent side were not part of the casualties, but since that is inevitable then may it be the ones that support those that stand against us, and not those that stand with us.

    Never forget. May God Bless Our soldiers, our country and our freedom, and give us the will and courage to fight always against the foes that would see us enslaved or dead.
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