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    Yeah you heard me. Now be a good little muzzie and run off to some Screamin Moojie Preacher and GET ME MY FATWA!!!!

    Damn, it's gettin so's ya c'aint get good help, ya know?

    What? You say I am being confrontational, hateful and racist with my remarks?

    Hateful, possibly. I hate what the representatives of Islam are doing to my country.

    For just two of the most recent examples go see Theodore's World and read about a story of some CAIR representatives knocking on a former Marines door one night to "dialogue" with him about his bumper sticker, which read "Jesus Loves You, Allah Wants You Dead." Had a couple of Christians knocked on the door of some muslim guy at night to "dialogue" with him about a bumper sticker it would be called a "hate crime" with CAIR screaming loudly for sensitivity training at the least if not outright jail time.

    Example number two comes from Florida, where a late night TV Preacher talked about islam in his show a few too many times for the local CAIR branch, so they whined to CBS to get him pulled off of the air, and dhimmis that they are, they complied. Mind you nobody said this preacher threatened anyone or lied, instead they claimed he disparaged islam.

    Free Speech for Me, but Not for Thee seems to be the message here.

    So yeah I am a bit hateful about this crap.

    Racist? No not at all. First off racism is the belief that one race is superior to another, and I do not believe that. I am an individualist. I believe that individuals make themselves great and that their race has nothing to do with it.

    Besides that, "muslim" is NOT a race.

    Am I being confrontational?

    You bet your ass (or camel or goat) I am.
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