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    Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends got together and built a fort? Whether off in a field or built into the spreading branches of a tree, the childhood is something that most of us built, cobbling together scraps of wood from where we could beg, borrow or steal them, usually giving it a name and granting the privilege of entry to our friends and barring those icky girls and the nerd from around the block.

    That is the spirit of America.

    Rugged invidualism. Doing for oneself. That's the American Way.

    And now the laft along with many, many unthinking Americans that simply go on feelings want to ruin that decidedly American mindset.

    Let me sum this up for you.

    The Government doesn't owe you anything beyond making sure you are safe from foreign aggression and that the roads between states are paved. In fact, beyond the interstate highways that actually run between states the federal government should not be involved in roads at all.

    They also should not be involved in education, healthcare, business grants, or any of the other myriad things they have stuck there hands into, and while I am on tghings they shouldn't be involved in let's add "low cost housing", which is theft of my money to give housing to lazy, ignorant criminally minded cretins that, if life had a shred of justice, would be living under a bridge.

    Americans have lost that attitude that hard work leads to its own rewards. Most of them it seems would rather sit back and let the government take care of them. There is precious little left of that attitude that had men standing proud, no matter how little they had compared to their neighbor, simply because they had worked an honest job to get what they had.

    When the going got tough before the depression, people picked up and moved on, looking for better opportunities elsewhere, and making a life for themselves, often struggling for years, even putting their children to work at times.

    These days when the going gets tough people whine that the government must do more.

    It is precisely this mindset that will be the end of this great country.

    You, my friend, are living in the last great days of a grand experiment that looks as if it will fail. And it will fail because the nature of humans as we have evolved have overtaken the ideals that founded this nation. The ideals that free men making their own destiny was not only a good idea but the way that God wanted us to live.

    We have slipped away from the noble ideals that birthed this nation, falling for a feel-good-anything-goes-secularism that denies the spiritual aspect of life in favor of the materialistic. It is now more important to get all you can no matter what, as opposed to getting what you earn and being happy with it.

    This, above all, shall be our downfall.
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