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    I wish to thank everyone for their comments and emails regarding this post. The comments that surmised that the arguments below are indicative of the criminal aliens that are marching in our streets and demanding non-existent rights are correct in realizing that these are the very arguments they use, but I am placing a twist on these arguments, and using them for another issue entirely that will serve to highlight just how hollow the arguments are.

    Instead of illegal immigration, make these arguments apply to a kidney transplant.

    All I want is a better life for myself.

    Criminal aliens are stating that this is all about a better life for themselves, and so am I.

    But they say it will take up to ten years before I can do that legally, but that is ten years I cannot afford to wait.

    The wait for a kidney transplant is 7-10 years, but if I can find someone whose kidney matches mine and steal it from them, I should be allowed to do so, and if you say otherwise you are a hateful cretin that wishes bad health on me.

    What about my family? They are suffering right along with me.

    This is about family unity. I can no longer travel easily with my family, and being in need of a transplant is tearing the unity of my family apart.

    My employer is getting a raw deal too......I can't do all the work he wants me to do and because of the laws he can't do anything about it.....How's that fair to him?

    The criminal aliens employers must, on some level, fear that they may be prosecuted for their continued criminal activity of employing those that are not here legally, and my employer is under similar stress, for with my "disability" he cannot fire me for missing work and slowing down, because I am "disabled" and thus protected.

    And what about all of the other people just like me? They all simply want a better life for themselves also......But some of them aren't going to be able to get it....Some of them, they say, aren't eligible and so they will have to just live with it.

    The people like me, on dialysis, that simply want a better life are also entitled to "find" a kidney against the will of the donor. Those that have other medical problems are also entitled to secure those things they may need to improve their life, and you have no right to say otherwise.

    You know what? It doesn't matter what they say......I deserve it, I am entitled to it, it is my right as a human, and I am not gonna let anyone stand in my way.....I am gonna go get what is mine, and I don't care about the laws that state I can't do can't stop me, do you understand me?

    I am entitled.

    Now, the arguments that those that support open borders are making, when placed in another equally absurd light ring rather hollow, don't they?
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