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    What must we look like?

    Written by: Carolyn Hileman

    Bin Laden once said we looked like paper tigers and that is why he had no fear in attacking us. Well look in the streets right now and tell me what kind of tiger do we look like right now? To anyone looking on from outside the US must think of us as incredibly weak, considering we cannot or will not put down civil unrest in our own country. The fact that we are not even trying sends loud resounding signals to the countries that would do us harm. It is saying that if they chose to infiltrate us in the millions not only will we allow them to stay we will allow them to march down our streets and demand anything they wish.

    Think about it people what kind of signal are we sending out by our silence, who will be the next to walk among us with their demands with utter impunity? Have lost our minds? By our inaction we are saying to the rest of the world “hey we learned absolutely nothing from 9/11 we are still the most welcoming country of all civilization for any terrorist that wishes to enter.” We are all sitting at home waiting for our leaders to suddenly get a back bone and unfortunately they seem to have left it at home. The only thing they feel like defending are the illegals’ in our streets. We have laws on our books, to hell with this new one enforce the laws we have and do it now.

    The leaders of Answer should be behind bars, by the laws on the books, they should be there for say ten years or so. We should fine or imprison those refusing to do their duty in the face of this invasion. Ever heard of a vote of no confidence guys, do you really think our leaders are immune? Our governors are sitting on their thumbs and rotating when they should be declaring a state of emergency and putting down this unrest. Our senators are busy thumping their chests and claiming to be tough on immigration while the immigrants are in the streets waving Mexican flags. Are you starting to get a good picture here, what on earth must we look like?

    The Voice blog: By Carolyn Hileman

    XPosted by Kender
    Thank You Carolyn
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