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    Dear America,

    You're 234 years old today, and in some ways you are showing your age I am sorry to say. The heart of your existence is us, the people who live within you and struggle to keep you alive. I am sorry to give you this prognosis but you're in serious danger of dying.

    There are many people who no longer remember how you were born, or more importantly, WHY you were born and as much as it pains me to say this, those of us who remember the why and how are dwindling in numbers. Too many people say your time has passed, that you're evil and always have been. Those, of course, are the blindly ignorant among us. Unfortunately those are also the people who are, by and large, in the main stream media and academia. They teach our children and bombard your people with these blasphemous thoughts, and frankly, Ma'am, many of us are worried.

    But don't you worry Dear Lady. You may not remember this, but back when you were born it wasn't due to a large group of people demanding your birth, but a small, tireless, dedicated group of Patriots who didn't know you would grow up to have such an impact on the world, but knew they wanted The Freedom you promised nonetheless. Sure, there were those who stood against those men, but your time had come, and your birth would not be denied.

    There are those who say your time has passed, but I don't believe that for a moment. You're timeless, and your promise of Liberty Unbound has drawn men from around the globe since before you were born. You may be getting a tad long in the tooth, as they say, but you're just as attractive as ever, maybe even more so given the condition of so many others these days.

    So don't you fret Mi'lady. Even though there are some here who don't remember your greatness, why or how you were born, there are more than enough of us still here, ready to fight in your defense, refusing to let you, and all you stand for, die.

    Your light has shown brightly for all who craved Liberty for over 200 years, Reagans shining city on a hill still shines, though somewhat dimmer in this age, but given the time we will wipe away the grime which has covered that shine and dimmed it, so that future generations will once again proclaim this land the greatest on the Earth.

    Just know this.....if you do pass into the dustbin of history, a mere footnote in a scholarly tome gathering dust on a bookshelf somewhere, it won't be because we let you go gently into that goodnight, we will, I promise, rage against the dying of the light, and we'll take a good many of those rotten socialist sumbitches with us.

    God Bless You Dear. We love you, Your Patriots
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