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    (Pissed Liberals)
    Luna Kitten
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    The Wide Awakes

    The night grows cold as soldiers wait
    For our charge will start at dawn
    Only time will tell our fate
    If we will die or live on
    The horses stamp their feet upon
    Frozen winter ground
    Our general has brought us here
    Where destiny is found
    Our names they do not matter much
    Nor the war in which we fight
    The battle we are in is the same
    By dawns cool early light
    Through eras have we fought this war
    With musket, sword and gun
    We've died a warriors lonely death
    Neath countless noonday suns
    Our honor is for us alone
    As our blood stains the earth
    But we live on in stories told
    Around a blazing hearth
    So sing our song of battle lust
    Speak well of our brave deeds
    The tales of glory for our sons
    Will plant the fertile seeds
    To grow the noble patriots
    So Freedom will not wane
    So raise the lads to fight for us
    Or we'll have died in vain
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