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    The shot heard round the world
    Led to freedom ringing clear
    We've kept the fire burning bright
    For two hundred plus years
    Now the tide has turned agin us
    Our freedom is being sold
    Where is the courage we once had
    The patriots so bold?
    A once great country gasps her last
    She withers in the field
    While government as cancer grows
    Lady Liberty does yield
    So is this it? oh shall we quit?
    Should freedom fade away?
    Is this the final curtain call
    Has freedom seen its day?
    HELL NO I say as I rise up
    My rifle in my hand
    I'll not lose my liberty
    I'll not lose my land
    So stand with me brave patriots
    Against the rushing tide
    No longer shall we silent stand
    No longer will we hide
    No longer will their words hold sway
    No longer will they steal
    The freedom God has given us
    No longer will we yield
    We stand atop the parapets
    Our trumpets blowing loud
    To spread the truth of Freedoms Call
    Throughout the gathering crowd
    Grab your coat, pick up your gun
    Take up the battle cry
    Be ready for the coming war
    And keep your powder dry

    Kender MacGowan
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