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    Romans 12:19 (King James Version) says;

    "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

    In these troubled times, friend, the Lord, like most large corporations is outsourcing some of the more tedious work and we here at Holy Vengeance Inc are proud to be the exclusive contractor for the King of Kings when it comes to Vengeance.

    When it comes to smiting for vengeance only the Big Guy himself can do it better. Our many years of experience in the Vengeance industry is proven by our track record and the many many people whose lives we have completely ruined who never had a clue it was us. You really thought O.J. did it didn't you? Nope...that was us. Flo-Jo? Us again. jilted lovers and angry neighbors have been coming to us for years, and now you should too.

    Once Vengeance of this caliber was reserved for the rarefied level of society of major celebrities and sports stars, but because of a special offer we made with the Big Guy Himself we are now able to offer vengeance packages starting so low you will wonder why you haven't smote that smart ass jerk in accounting yet.

    Our array of products range from the economical to the extravagant, so whether you just want to get back at that coworker who just grates on your nerves the wrong way or completely destroy the life of an ex and their new fling we got you covered.

    Starting with our "A Pox On You" package at $69.95 you can have little annoyances tossed at the object of your ire in as little as ten minutes. If it's really serious go with our 7 Plagues Package, guaranteed to get the object of your anger time in a state pen and a lifetime commitment of registering as a sex offender (offer not valid against targets who are elected officials in the Democrat party).

    So whether its just that stupid bitch a the office or that jerkass dill weed sunuvabitch that ran off with your best friend give us a call at 900-FUCK-YOU and start smiting today.
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