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    So I am....

    Words were spoken last night, honest and from the heart. I meant them. Completely. I have gone as far as I can, as far as I will ever be willing to go. If you can deal with that, if you can accept it for what it is, and not what you may think it should be or could be we can have what we have and be content.

    If not then go....I shall miss those ebon locks cascading over my shoulder. I shall miss eyes of deepest cobalt blue, oh lithe one, but you know full well why what you want cannot happen. It no longer exists in me, stolen by another and destroyed.

    You said "Say it out loud, say it where everyone will know how you feel."

    So I am...

    I am enamored of you. Time in your arms is always well spent. I enjoy your presence and charms, I adore your laugh, I get lost in your eyes and shudder when you so much as brush against me. More than that I am unable to give.

    If it costs me your attention so be it. The ugly truth is better than a pretty lie.

    Your Brat....
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