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    The earth's getting hotter with each passing year
    Claim scientists, leftists and people that fear
    Al Gore's propaganda and rising sea levels
    The U.S. is evil and Bush is the devil
    We must cut back on our fossil fuel
    The money be damned this isn't a duel
    The snow pack is melting the glaciers are going
    The hurricane season is sure to be growing
    The deserts will grow and cities will flood
    Where once ran our rivers will soon be dried mud
    Our driving and making the items we crave
    Is driving our planet to a nice early grave
    The fix is uncertain cuz we're not really sure
    If taking away your SUV is a cure
    Or maybe make everyone live in apartments
    And eat only vege's so no more meat markets
    Cows make the gas, as you surely know
    That's making our temperatures on our home grow
    To levels not seen since the cretaceous era
    When dinosaurs roamed in the untainted air
    Which gets me to thinking what could they have done
    To make things much warmer and ruin their run
    Of millions of years as the dominant species
    I think Al Gore's line may be two tons of feces
    I know that the dino's did not drive around
    In cars or make asphalt to cover the ground
    They didn't burn coal or oil or gas
    Al Gore must be talking right out of his ass
    The earth got much hotter way back in the day
    Before man came along to ruin the way
    That nature would balance the hot and the cold
    To think we're so big is certainly bold
    We're a pip, we're a dot in the history of time
    But to think we're so powerful is purely sublime
    If you want to know what makes it get hot
    I have your clue, come and give it a shot
    I'll give you three guesses to make this game fun
    Here's a hint it's that big ball of gas called the sun
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