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    I got me some hardcore nerdcore hip hop playing in my headphones while I sit here thoroughly disgusted, discombobulated, offended, outraged, repulsed and in a low down dirty dark assed funk akin to what must run through a liberals mind 24-7 once they realize they are a hypocritical cowardly excuse of a human being for holding the views they hold.


    Because I have watched, in my short politically active life (20 years) my party, the party of conservatives slide downhill, especially quickly since Sir Spend A Lot and his Knights of the Bottomless Trough got into the White House in 2000.

    Now, 9-11 gave us an influx of neocons, former liberals and libertarians, who are strong on national defense and precious little else that resembles conservatism, and having stepped into our party, unwittingly colluding with a media that is decidedly unfriendly to conservatives have given us a man that has, as so many tout, "a lifetime conservative ranking of 86%" as a possible candidate for president. What so many fail to look at is if you take out his Reagan years (when conservatism was the crack of the day and everybody was hitting the pipe) and recent ratings his rating drops to 50%.

    I say possible presidential candidate because I hold out hope, however faint, that Juan "Come on een senor" McCains' mother ship will return and take him home before the national convention in September. Now that my choice, Fred Thompson, has gone and endorsed Juan for president I am foot stomping mad, and disillusioned (and glad I haven't framed that pic of Fred and I and hung it in a place of honor) with all this talk of unifying the party and getting behind our nominee because he beats the hell out of the other side I must call utter bullshit and toss a flag on this play.

    Hell yeah he beats the hell out of the other side, but you know what?

    FUCK YOU!!!!! So does a can of spam.....and do we really want a president that equates to spam?

    You bastards out there wanna watch american fucking idol with religious zeal and not pay two cents worth of attention to the people who are wanting to run this country and get all your info from news bites? Fine. You're making your bed, you can lie in it, it's just too damned bad that I will have to sleep here too.

    Sure, folks are saying we can't let the left get in because they'll enact socialism that we can't ever back away from, and they'll lose the war on terrorism and choosing the lesser of two evils is better than losing the war and everything we stand for, and I understand that viewpoint, but I say we've lost what we stand for but not standing for a conservative candidate.

    Funny how now that it looks as if Juan is gonna get the nod that so many people are saying well he's really is pretty conservative after all, and sure, compared to the left most anything appears "more conservative" but juan supported amnesty (a fact I won't forget nor believe him when he says he changed his stance, he's a lying politician, and I wouldn't believe him if he told me I was a short pissed off conservative blogger with a coffee addiction and a mouth like a sailor---which I very much am) he supported curtailing free speech with regards to elections, he fought against Bush's tax cuts, even though now he claims to want to make them permanent.

    If, by some stretch juan wins the White House, mark my words, those tax cuts will be gone. He'll have a blue congress to work with, and he has a history of chumming up to our rivals while sticking his finger in our eye.

    True conservatives have been shunted to the side, and I see too many of my idealogical brethren rushing to support juan out of fear of the left, which is understandable but appears cowardly and shortsighted to me. The next president will be a four year president.

    Allow me to explain;

    If McCain wins, he keeps the war going, good for us, bad for the islamists, probably good for the dems, because face it, we aren't gonna win the GWOT in the next four years, and it's going to continue to cost us big and the Dems will play to that in 2012. Juan will not pass universal healthcare, a good thing, but yet another issue the dems will beat us to death on. He also will not "fix" social security which is just one more thing the left can beat us to death on. They don't actually have any plans to fix anything either, but as anyone can see empty rhetoric and hopeful language is getting them pretty far. Add the fact that Juan WILL push amnesty and will NOT secure the border, and may get the damned thing passed and the dems have millions of new voters.

    Result? Dems win in 2012.

    If Obama or hillary win they pull out the troops, Al-Q declares victory over the great satan, recruitment goes up, terrorist attacks increase and shit goes to hell in a hand basket. (The good thing about this is the GOP can rightfully place all the blame on the person signing the order to cut and run) Both will probably also go right at the universal healthcare, creating huge new tax liabilities (funded from where is beyond any thinking persons ability to discover, but as I have pointed out our citizenry have ceased thinking and are simply going with "who can give me what I want to hear in the quickest soundbite and make me feel good for supporting them and feeling like a good person, never mind the fact that a close examination of my positions shows them to be hollow and unworkable, they make me feel good and that's all that matters in todays' world."

    A dem White House, with all of the new programs they wish to enact, funded in part, BTW, from "obscene oil profits and windfall wall street profits" will destroy our economy, as in a global economy the folks with the money will send it to where it can do them the most good, investment wise, and when your money is being taxed to death in market one you move to market two.

    So if a dem wins in November they WILL stomp on the economy, raise taxes, enlarge government and drag our military through the mud and put us in a very dangerous and precarious position, most likely costing us many more American lives in terror attacks here at home.

    Result? That depends on our countrymen doesn't it? If the dems screw up the country as they are wont to do (and they WILL) AND the electorate actually realizes it and wakes up AND we find an actual conservative, not a conservative of convenience and good moods, AND we run on a platform of CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES (Strong national defense, including secure borders and no reward for law breakers, lower taxes, smaller government etc etc you know what they are) then we CAN win the White House, and keep it for years, IF WE DESERVE TO LEAD!!!!!

    If we keep trying to act like democrats we get what we deserve and I don't want any part of that party.

    In the meantime we support local, county, state and federal campaigns of CONSERVATIVES and tell the GOP when they call for money to KYA until they figure out that an influx of 9-11 neocons notwithstanding this is STILL the party of CONSERVATIVES and as long as they are becking moderates and traitors they may as well call the kos kids for money.

    Now I know you're saying "Dude, you're nuts, we can't let the left win, it's too critical right now with iraq."

    I agree with you that Iraq is critical.

    But I also believe that we aren't dead yet. American Exceptionalism is still there, in the undercurrent of our national character. It is flowing through the veins of most every one of us, even many of those on the left, but it has been buried by years of peace and prosperity and I firmly believe that only in adversity do we truly shine, overcoming tremendous odds to win the day, setting once again that example of a freedom loving people who, when thrown to the ground get up with a grimace and a glare and kick the ever loving shit out of the evil that constantly knocks on the gates of the city.

    Our enemies are within AND without, and only be defeating our enemies within can we have the freedom to defeat those enemies at the gates, and if the only way to defeat them is to let them have free rein to show their true colors, setting us in a position of danger, then we must do it.

    Sometimes one must amputate a limb to save the body.

    The only way to win this war and save the republic, I fear, is to let something fester until it shows itself and we can cut it out.

    Please pass the scalpel.
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