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    From John Hawkins, regarding RightRoots:

    In our first month, Rightroots raised roughly $47,500 and Jack Kingston's PAC chipped in another $14,000 to our candidates. That's not a bad start for a virgin effort. Still, there's a lot more to do on the fund raising front, especially with the GOP still struggling to retain the House.

    That's why we've decided it's time to take it up to the next level with Rightroots. First of all, we've added three new candidates, all of whom are trying to knock off Democratic incumbents. Those candidates are (Details about each candidate are on the Rightroots page):

    Ralph Norman (SC-05)
    Andrea Lane Zinga (IL-17)
    Mike Bouchard: Michigan

    More importantly, in order to drum up support for these candidates and for the original 18 candidates we selected, we've decided to approach things from a different angle.

    Over the next 15 days, our goal is to pull in 100 donations per candidate. That won't be an easy goal to hit and I can tell you definitively that if the right side of the blogosphere doesn't help us out and promote this effort, we will not make it. So, if you could give us a link and/or if you could spread the word, it would be much appreciated.

    This is a great opportunity for your readers to make a difference in some key elections, even if they don't live in those districts. Remember, November is not far away, but we're have to live with the results for two long years. Do we really want to risk having Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid running the show?


    More on the challenge from:

    Right Wing News


    Human Events

    Folks, we're off to a GOOD start BUT more needs to be done. Really! Check out the new candidates and see how worthy they are of getting OUR help. The crunch time is NOW!

    Get your change bucket out, cash it in and donate it.
    Get together with some politically like minded friends and take up a collection and donate it!
    Don't have a lot of cash or don't think that $20.00 will help? Think AGAIN. Donate it!

    Let's keep MoveOn and it's elk out of Washington. Let's get rid of the corrupt Democraps and far left liberals who WILL be running the show if we allow them to do so!

    PLEASE JOIN OUR EFFORT HERE! Go to the RightRoots page and grab a graphic; write a post about this and promote this!
    If you are a blogger and want to be part of the effort, there are several ways you can do that. One way is to run a free Rightroots blogad on your site. If you would like to run a Rightroots blogad, please email John Hawkins and let him know so he can hook you up.

    Another way to support the Rightroots effort is to add your name to the list of those endorsing it and to post a permalink to the Rightroots site on the main page of your blog. To get the name of your blog listed on the Rightroots endorsement page, simply trackback this post. If you are not able to trackback, you can express your wish to be added to the list of endorsers in the comments section or by emailing me. Please include both your name and the name of your blog.
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