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    There are many places you can go learn the history of Veteran's Day on the web, so I won't put that info here.

    I come from a family with very strong military ties, a long history of service to this country and a Love of the United States of America that is instilled into every one of us from when we are young.

    We realize that this country isn't perfect, but it is a damned sight better than anything else that has been tried or even that exists.

    Tracing back to the Revolution, members of my bloodline have fought in every war this country has fought. We are fiercely Patriotic, some say Nationalistic, and that is O.K., because those that call us Nationalistic usually hate this country or come from some shithole on the other side of the globe where love of country makes no sense for them. How can one love their country if it is some socialist hole with a corrupt government and lacks Freedom?

    They can't, so they cannot understand someone that does love their country. You know what the funny part about that whole thing turns out to be? Almost every person I have met that doesn't understand why I love this land so fiercely has immigrated here. Then they complain about our foreign ploicy and "lack of a social net".

    Anyway, I didn't get in here today and steal a spot in the rotation to bitch. I came here to point out one of the finest bits I have seen on Veteran's Day.

    Go over and read Jake's article about today. Jake and his wife have the site called "Freedom Folks", and have put out a CD of 9 original patriotic songs in nine genre's, and it is pretty good.

    But what he wrote today is awesome.

    Thank you Jake.
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