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    A huge tip o' me tam to the Sandmonkey for turning me onto this most awesome correct thinking blog.

    It is about damned time that someone put out there what the public needs to hear....some liberal thinking that isn't full of hatred and bile and devoid of ideas.

    Before you get me wrong let me say that I found a couple of ideas over at adrianas little liberal lovefest.

    Walter Cronkite has an idea about the party actually getting together and figuring what the hell they stand for.

    Quincy Jones actually mentions *gasp* GOD and Andy Stern actually asks a question and which I believe the answer to be a resounding NO!!!!

    Apparently he agrees with me...or I with him...doesn't matter...the answer is still no.

    Danielle Crittenden whiles away her time daydreaming about a good relationship between hollywood and D.C.

    Yeah...that'll happen while a Republican is in office and hollywood continues to drag us down an ever darkening road.

    And Bill Maher, ever the funny guy, has a bit in there that leads me to wonder if we could use mikey the moore-on for this and finally make some use of the guy. Actually I shouldn't say that. I believe that he personally did more to get W re-elected than most.

    Finally the "terms" page, which makes it sound like a team of rabid lawyers may be sent after you for daring to even copy some of it, with the exception of "one print copy that is limited to occasional articles of personal interest only".

    As funny as this site is though, I kinda' like this one better.
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