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    It occurs to me today, while responding to the unusally heavy traffic on the boards at Save Our State dot org, that history is repeating itself. Only this time it isn't the hippies that are getting up in arms, (although they are still up in arms to be sure, when they aren't busy working and being the sell-outs they once hated), no, this time it is the average American.

    Stay with me here and I promise to get you caught up with the Crew in My Head.

    Back in the 60's of course we had the free-lovin, STD spreadin' doobie-rollin' tab-droppin' unwashed masses of the hippies, protesting for an end to Viet Nam and the destruction of "The System".

    Many of them grew up and joined that system, which is very funny when you think about it. There are slews of them on college campuses across the country teaching our kids about the world. Of course the world the old hippies see is not reality as correct thinking Americans know it. Perhaps things look different after so many joints and so many "trips"...I don't know.

    But now there is a slowly growing group in this country that, much like the unwashed masses of the late 60's are also getting tired of the status quo, and they are deciding to get out and do something about it. Unlike the unwashed masses of the 60's this group is different in many ways.

    First and foremost, we bathe.

    Second is that we are not protesting "The Man" and "The System" but rather illegal immigration.

    You have seen this movements beginnings in the Minute Man Project.

    Here is how history is going to repeat itself, but this time for the better.

    These protests will grow. As they grow the people in power, the very people that we elect, will either listen to us and enforce the laws of the land, or we will vote them out of office. Or we will raise the next generation of leaders, explaining to them as they grow up that they must change the system from the inside, much like the liberal hippies from the 60's have been trying to do for 30 some odd years.

    And we will get things changed. We will stop, or at least strangle, illegal immigration. We will take back the schools in this country, and we will take back the government from the power brokers that sell us out to illegals and those that hire them everyday.

    The hippies protested and quickly learned that the best way to change things was from the inside...and so they did just that. Of course many years of hippy inspired socialist policies has brought us down a bad road, but that too will fact it has been changing ever since the GOP drew up the Contract With America and set out clear goals for the country to follow.

    These protests will grow, and much like the hippies of yesteryear, we will find our voice in the streets and in the voting booth.

    But, unlike the hippies, we haven't chosen a destructive un-American goal such as their utopian socialism.

    We have chosen Freedom....and Freedom Will Triumph!!!!
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