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    Two boys involved in a fight with a school bus driver in FL. have been charged with a FELONY!!!

    It is the law in FL. that assault on a school official is a felony involving up to five years in juvy, but a security camera on the bus shows the bus driver telling a student to put on his seat belt, (in FL seatbelts are required on busses but wearing them is not mandatory), and when the student refused he told the student to sit in the front of the bus.

    When he refused to sit in the front, the bus driver, a substitute BTW, moved to the back of the bus, where he was intercepted by the students older step brother. At this point the driver grabbed the older brother's throat and slapped him, at which point the boy that the bus driver assaulted and his younger brother assaulted him. (legal concerns cause me to use the word assault, but I would have preferred to say they whupped his ass).

    Now the seatbelt was not mandatory, and the brothers should not have beaten on the driver, but that driver had no right to touch that student.

    Usually I am firmly on the side of discipline, but if my brother was grabbed by the throat by a bus driver I would have taken exception to that and whupped on him also. I had an irate parent grab my throat in front of a school once, and it was only quick intervention by the principal that stopped me from breaking that fat broads nose. In that case I was defending my little brother AND my little sister from her kids.

    The kids should be punished, not five years in juvy though.

    And the driver?

    Considering he is charged with the safe passage of kids to and from school, and grabbing a kid by the throat is nowhere near conducive to safe passage, he should be charged with aggravated assualt on a minor and the book tossed at him.
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