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    Check this story out.

    ACLU Says Silver Ring Thing Violates Federal Rules
    Abstinence Program Says It Has Secular Options

    POSTED: 4:29 pm MDT May 16, 2005

    NEW YORK -- The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit alleging that a taxpayer-supported teen abstinence program improperly promotes Christianity.

    "The Silver Ring Thing," which uses music and comedy skits, is an offshoot of the John Guest Evangelistic Team. Since 2003, the program has received more than $1 million in federal grants as part of the Bush administration's initiative to expand abstinence-only education.

    Grant recipients aren't supposed to use federal money for religious proselytizing. But the ACLU alleges that the Silver Ring Thing encourages teens to commit themselves to Jesus Christ.

    The lawsuit says youths are given the opportunity to divide into secular and religious groups, but are encouraged to choose the religious option and to enroll in a Bible-based follow-up program.

    There is a world of difference between "encouraging" someone to do something and making it mandatory.

    The ACLU doesn't seem to grasp this concept, and even encouragement now seems to be a problem with them.

    Mayhaps it is because the word "courage" is in there and courage is the antithesis of what the ACLU is about. The ACLU is about socialism and secularism, and these two things take no courage and are simply the abandonment of morals and free will.

    Giving over your life to the whim of the state, and the path of least resistance of secularism is not only the cowards way out, it is inherently evil.

    Socialism detracts from the free will of you and your fellow man. Secularism leads to a society of depravity and causes life to be devalued.

    Both of these systems are, in the end, bad for society as a whole, as they ultimately cause society to break down.

    When human life is not highly valued you get such things as euthanasia, and when your freedom to better yourself is stolen from you and your fellow man, then you are simply alive to continue the existence of the state.

    Over-bearing religion is also evil, as evidenced in the theocracies of the middle east, conversely, a society devoid of religion is also evil, and the ACLU appears to be on a mission to chase religion behind closed doors, much like the communists did in soviet russia.

    At the heart of this issue is not the fact that a group attempting to teach abstinance is encouraging children to follow Christianity, but rather that the ACLU apparently sees this encouragement tantmount to encouraging someone to commit a crime, and I am forced to conclude that if the ACLU does indeed see this as a crime, or even appears to see this as a crime, then we have slipped further into the abyss than I had thought.

    Further, tax dollars going to faith based groups is allowable by law and demanded by a society that insists on equality.

    Once in this country it was shameful to become pregnant before marriage, and to have to go to the free clinic for a shot...promiscuity was frowned upon, at least for women, and divorce was a shameful situation that would cause the perpetrators, at the least, social discomfort, if not outright shunning by their friends.

    The ACLU has, for many years, followed a course towards secularism and a socialist agenda, and this is, upon deeper inspection, one more example of it.

    It is about time that we take our country back from this path of ultimate destruction.

    Crossposted at Stop The ACLU

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