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    Two of the names of Americana just about every person in America that isn't living a cloistered life knows are Paul Harvey and Walter Cronkite, or as I like to call them, America's Grandpa's.

    Venerable old newscasters that have been around since the early days of broadcasting, these two men have left an indelible mark on journalism and touched countless lives and continue to do so.

    If you haven't heard of them then get out more.

    You know what I mean when I say America's Grandpa's right? Those fellows that we can picture spinning tales and teaching us about life while we sit at their knee and soak it up. They remind everyone I talk to of their grandpa, or in the least I hear "That is the kind of grandpa I would want."

    A man of wisdom, wit and charm, infinitly patient with a quiet dignity and a sparkle in his eye.

    You know; Grandpa.

    First up is Walter Cronkite, since I wish to save my personal favorite for last. Cronkite's place in the Deck Of Weasels notwithstanding he IS an Icon of America.

    Now usually I wouldn't write about someone that made the Deck, at least not in a complimentary way, however Cronkite did something that most on the left never do, and that is tell them that the public has no idea what their platform is, exactly. It isn't anything that a lot of us don't tell them everyday that we sit at a keyboard, but it came from someone IN their camp and with the massive cred's that, frankly, most will never have.

    Walter Cronkitehas lived a great life, entertaining us and bringing the world into our living rooms back in those days when the only way to know what was going on in the world was to read the paper, listen to the radio or watch the network news, and political views notwithstanding, he is a great American that has the backbone to stand up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to tell those in his party what they are doing wrong, and for these reasons I consider him one of America's Grandpa's.

    My personal favorite is Paul Harvey. I was introduced to Paul Harvey when I was very young by my grandpa. I was so young that I don't even remember it. It seems as if I have always listened to Grandpa Harvey regaling us with the news and humorous stories from around the world.

    In 1976 he started "The Rest Of The Story", (available in book form) explaining the little known history behind famous people and events, and if you haven't heard Paul tell TROTS in his engaging midwestern accent, then you have missed some of the best recorded tales ever heard.

    If you can listen to Paul Harvey and not be absolutely enthralled by his voice, his style and his obvious class and superb wit and humor, if you can hear his broadcast and not feel both a sense of satisfaction and a longing for more at the end of his news stories then you are simply out of your head.

    Paul Harvey has given us some great quotes and if you haven't heard Paul's newsbits go listen right now.

    After you listen don't forget to come back here and tell me thank you for turning onto a bit of living history and one of America's Grandpa's.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes and Cao's
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