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    A comment from K1 got me to thinking about the heart of a conservative.

    His comment included his question of how much heart does a conservative have, based on Churchills quote, which goes something like "If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative at 40 you have no brain".

    Much like an earlier post about what, in my experience, the right believes, I will put forth what my heart tells me the heart of a conservative holds true.

    A Conservative Heart is Steadfast in the face of tragedy, and holds to reason for guiding actions, and refuses to jump into solutions without thought. This does not mean the Conservative Heart has no emotion, for in reality the conservative heart realizes that emotionally driven decisions make for bad decisions, therefore logic and common sense are placed above emotion when it comes to staying the course.

    The Conservative Heart is Realistic and realizes that life isn't fair, and attempting to legislate fairness into life is much like asking the sun not to rise.

    The Conservative Heart is Charitable. The Conservative Heart also realizes that Charity only comes through the heart, and anything else is either self-serving, ego feeding narcissism or theft.

    The Conservative Heart is Forgiving. However the Conservative Heart also refuses to be made a fool of so it adheres to the old saw of "Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me."

    The Conservative Heart is Loyal, but will not hesitate to point out when it is confronted by a wrong, even, sometimes, at the risk of friendship.

    The Conservative Heart is Bold. It has no qualms about walking the walk, realizing that only through action does the truth of ones heart show through, and that a lot of times, words are merely that....words.

    The Conservative Heart is Honest, and will strive to walk the path of Truth everytime a choice is presented.

    The Conservative Heart is Faithful. It realizes that sometimes that path of Truth is the hardest by far to travel, and by all appearences more may be lost by taking the road less travelled, but in the end Faith is rewarded, and only a True Heart shall reap those rewards.

    So we have:

    I am sure I will have more.

    Do you have any to add?
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