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    Driving home from the show and feeling bad about being way too busy to post this weekend had me thinking of putting all of the bloggers that I consider to be members of the "We Hate Kender Club" in one post, (sans links of course), but then I wandered in and found instead a link in my comments section from "Kenders Truth Pill".

    I am rolling in my chair laughing my ass off.

    Let me give you my theory. AyngelK left a comment that made it sound as if she has heard about me from a source that knows me personally, mentioning that she is in Bill Gates backyard, so to speak, which led me to believe that she must know my friend(?) in WA. who knows me personally.

    I offered to take her arguments up on the show but like a typical liberal whiner she didn't call.

    S'alright tho'. I don't need her to call.

    And Kenders Truth Pill won't call either, because I smacked her down on the phone one night after the show, telling her EXACTLY why the left is in such dire straights, why they are un-American and dangerous, and also why she needed to get the hell over it all and get on with making something of herself.

    I have other friends that have been through much worse KTP, and have made a better life for themselves through hard work, drive, ambition and a desire to help their fellow man.

    Perhaps it is something in the air in the northwest U.S that causes the mental disorder called "Liberalism" to spread. Perhaps it is in the air coming off of the ocean, after all the coasts are "blue", and with few exceptions the farther away one is from the coast the more "Red" one seems inclined to be.

    Either way, KTP is now, instantly, the President of the "We Hate Kender Club", a group of people that seem to be my most ardent followers.

    So here is a quick clarification of KTPs comments. Yes, I have been on SSI...but after my transplant it went away, and I am once again out in the workforce, practicing what I preach and pulling myself up with my own bootstraps.

    Am I whining?

    Hell NO!!!!

    Are things a bit tight financially for me personally at the moment?

    Of course.

    Am I worried?

    Absolutely not!!!


    Because I believe in me. I know what I can do. I know what needs to be done, and I am doing it. I refuse to sit around and whine. I could go to school, probably with all those grants and such, and I have no doubt that if I chose to do so and applied myself that I would shine. But I choose not to do that.

    Instead I am working 16 hour days, holding together my life with the aid of caffeine, nicotine and insanity.

    Now onto KTP....honey, I now life is hard for ya', been there, done that, doing it again. But realize that really the government has a lot of programs already in place, and if you want to take advantage of them you must find them, and in some cases earn them. Might I suggest the lottery. That sounds like it is much more your speed. A buck here, a buck there, and maybe you will get lucky and hit it, going broke in two to three years like so many lottery winnners because they too lack the necessary discipline and skills for handling money.

    We both know a certain girl that has taken advantage of several programs over the last five years, a lot of those she had to find herself, and she buckled down and did the work, starting at community college and applying herself to the task at hand.

    She is now in a prestigious school, on a major scholarship, heading towrds a degree in her chosen field and in fact has won some scholastic thing where she is being sent to Japan for three months to study there also. She did all of this while dealing with a child and a husband who is also going to school, and he is also on track to do what he wants to do with his life.

    For them the programs worked perfectly, because they took nothing for granted and worked hard to get where they are now and they continue to work hard to get where they are going.

    I would apologize for pissing off your new little liberal, tree-hugging, whiny, close-minded friend but I am not sorry one bit about pissing her (he? It?) off. Thanks for saying such nice things about me though. go get some rest now...I am sure you have other things to whine about in the morning.
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